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Chapter Twenty-Six
The Final Battle
Part Two

 The next five battles begin.......

Mika walked over to Sindel feeling a little nervous about the fight.

Sindel smiled evilly her white eyes glowing. "You really think that you can win this fight?"

Mika got into a fighting stance with determination. "Yes, for the people who've died in this tournament!"

Mika took a deep breath. Remember the words of Nightwolf, she thought.

Then, with a battle cry, Sindel went after her. She jumped in the air and performed a scissor kick towards Mika. Mika quickly blocked the move. Sindel jumped back down to the ground. Mika quickly jumped in the air and attempted to kick Sindel, but she too blocked the move.

As Mika landed back down, Sindel flipped her very long hair forward. Her hand wrapped around Mika. With her hair, Sindel took Mika and threw her hard against the wall.

As Mika recovered, Sindel looked at her and laughed. "It looks like I'm winning so far, dear," she said. She bended down to Mika, opened her mouth, and let out an ear-piercing scream.

Even with her ears covered, Mika could still feel the throbbing pain in her ears. Then, the boulders above her start to fall towards Mika. Mika saw this and dodged out of the way. The boulders crashed down to the ground where Mika was previously sitting.

Sindel quickly walked up to Mika and kicked her in the face. Mika fell back and managed to roll out of the way. Then, she quickly got up. Mika could feel her nose bleeding, but she ignored it.

Sindel ran over to her, but Mika was prepared this time. "You die now!" Sindel cried out.

As soon as Sindel was close to her, Mika dodged out of the way and went behind her. She wrapped her arms around her waist. "Take this!" she cried out. She flipped herself over a few times smashing Sindel hard on the ground. She then let go of Sindel. Feeling dizziness and pain from the move, Sindel slowly got up.

"Lets go for the German Surplex," Mika said grinning evilly. She grabbed Sindel and gave her multiple head butts in fast speed. Then, she jumped in the air and landed on an edge of the cliff. Then, she jumped off and it and body slammed Sindel. Mika could hear Sindel's bones break........including her neck.

Mika slowly got up and stared at Sindel's lifeless body for a minute. Then, she looked around.

"I better help the others," she said. That's when she heard and evil laugh.....

Meanwhile, Dan went up to Sagat and grinned. "So, we meet again. I've always wanted to show you my Saikyo moves."

Sagat only laughed as he got into his Muay Thai fighting stance. "Really? Well, let's see what you've got. Don't expect to live through this."

What Sagat didn't know is that Dan was the one who beat Goro a few hours ago.

Dan got into his fighting stance. If you can beat a monster like Goro, you can beat someone like Sagat. Keep it cool, clear your head, and remember Nightwolf.

Sagat put his arms out in front of him. "Tiger!" Energy came out of his hands. Dan quickly dodged out of the way and attempted to deliver a blow with his elbow to Sagat's side. Sagat saw this and blocked the move. Dan stepped aside.

Sagat then raised his leg and delivered a blow to Dan's face. Dan took the blow. He stepped back a few feet while holding his face.

Sagat then crouched down, raised his fists and then jumped hitting Dan under his chin.

"Take this!" he cried out. Dan flew high in the air before landing back down hard on the ground.

Sagat ran over to him. "Like I said, don't expect yourself to live through this. Stay there while I kill you."

Dan quickly got up. "That was only a lucky shot! Take this!"

Dan jumped in the air. "Dankuu kyaku!!!!!" He kicked Sagat multiple times in the face. Sagat's nose began to bleed.

Then, Dan landed back on the ground with his feet. Sagat ran after him again. "Sho-ryu-ken!" Dan cried out. Sagat took the blow. He expected Dan to go one foot, but when Sagat found himself ten feet in the air, he became shocked.

When they both land on the ground, Sagat looked up at Dan. "You've never delivered a blow like that before."

Dan looked at Sagat while collecting energy in his hands. "Just a few days ago, I met someone named Nightwolf and he taught me everything about how to be a better fighter mentally."

His hands began to glow as Sagat slowly got up. "You know," Dan said. "There is one thing that I've learned. As long as you are strong mentally, you can win anything." He closed his eyes. Father, and to all who've died in this tournament.......this is for you guys.

"GADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dan cried out releasing the very large ball of energy.

"This can't be!" Sagat cried out as he is hit with the energy. Dan could hear him screaming as he flew over the mountain.

Dan smirked to himself and wiped his hands against each other. "That takes care of that."

That's when he heard an evil laugh. "What the..........."

"So Chun-Li," said Mileena holding out her sais. "We meet again for another battle."

Chun-Li got into a fighting stance and narrowed her eyes at her opponent. "Yes, we do."

Mileena laughed. "Well, unfortunately, you won't win again, and this time.......you will die."

"Try me!" Chun-Li cried out.

Mileena laughed again. Then, she quickly rolled over towards Chun-Li and attempted to stab her with one of her sais. Chun-Li jumped out of the way and somersaulted over her. As she landed, Chun-Li attempted a kick at Mileena's face, but Mileena saw the move and quickly blocked it with her forearm.

Then, Mileena threw one of her sais at Chun-Li. Chun-Li dodged out of the way. The sai flew a few feet before getting stuck to a wall.

"Too bad you can't get it back," Chun-Li said. She ran over to her and started throwing series of kung-fu like punches at Mileena. Mileena blocked all of them. Then, she attempted to stab Chun-Li. Chun-Li saw this and grabbed the sai. The women started to play tug-of-war with the sai for a few moments. Then, the sai started to slip from Chun-Li's hands. Since Chun-Li had the sharp end of the sai, the sai sliced her hands. Blood started to drip out of her palms. She tried her best to ignore the pain.

Mileena laughed. "What's wrong, honey? Giving up already?"

Chun-Li growled. "For my father........never!"

She quickly kicked Mileena in the stomach. The wind is knocked out of Mileena making her let go of the sai. Chun-Li threw the sai far to the side and quickly ran over to Mileena. She began to throw series of punches and kicks at her.

"This is for the people killed in the tournament!" Chun-Li cried out. With one of her legs, she performed her Thousand-Burst Kicks kicking Mileena in high speed in the face, chest, and stomach.

"This is for my friends who were killed." Then, Chun-Li jumped in the air and kicked Mileena rapidly in the face. "Hazan Tenshokyaku!!!!!"

With a loud thud, Mileena landed on the ground hard. As Chun-Li landed back down, she began to collect energy in her hands.

Mileena slowly got up. "I.......I've underestimated you......."

"This is for my father!!!!!!!!!!! Kikosho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chun-Li let out a very large ball of energy out of her hands. Mileena was hit with it sending her flying against the wall. As she hit the wall, Chun-Li could hear her neck breaking. Mileena's now-lifeless body fell to the ground like a rag doll.

Chun-Li stared at her for a minute in silence. Then, she heard an evil laugh. Chun-Li turned to the laugh..........

With rage in her heart, Sonya walked over to Vega. "This is it!" she cried. "I'm going to avenge Johnny once and for all."

Vega only laughed behind his mask. "My, you're a pesky one. You know, revenge isn't the answer to everything you know."

Sonya got into a fighting stance. "Maybe not, but I'm sure that Johnny would just love to see you suffer at my feet for what you did to him."

Vega laughed again. "Well see about that." He got into a fighting stance and raised his claws. The two stared at each other for a minute. Then, Vega jumped towards the wall, bounced off of it, and shot towards Sonya in high speed with his claws in front of him. Sonya quickly dodged out of the way, but as she did, Vega scratched his claws on Sonya's back.

"Aahh!" she cried out feeling the blood gush out of her back. She clenched her teeth as she turned back to Vega. As Vega landed, Sonya raised her fists and tried to ignore the throbbing pain on her back.

Then, Sonya attempted a roundhouse kick at Vega. Vega blocked the move and tried to scratch her again. Sonya performed a backward flip to get out of the way. Then, she jumped high in the air and somersaulted above him. She landed back down. As Vega turned around, Sonya attempted another kick at him. Vega attempted to stab her, but only scratched her calf deeply.

"Damn it!" she cried out feeling the throbbing pain now on her leg. As she tried to recover, Vega scratched her right arm, then her torso.

"AAAHHHH!!!" she cried out. "That's it! You asked for it!"

Sonya jumped in the air and performs another roundhouse kick at Vega's face, hard enough to crack his mask in pieces and fell to the ground. Vega started to fill with rage as he touched his face feeling the blood gush out of his face.

"You little Bitch!!!" he cried out. "You'll suffer just like Johnny!!"

Sonya was prepared as he ran after her, his claws raised in the air. Then, Sonya jumped up again and took Vega by the hand. From there, she managed to rip his claws off his hand. Then, she kicked him in the face making him fall to the ground. As he got up again, Sonya put the claw on.

Because of the loss of blood, Sonya started to feel dizzy and all she could see ws blur. She quickly shook her head. I'm not about to give up yet!

As Vega ran after her, Sonya took the claws.........and stabbed him right through the stomach. Vega looked up at her in shock.

"How does it feel to die under your own claws?" she asked. "Now you know what it's like to be the prey." Vega began to cough up blood.

"Now, I'll finish you off," she said. She took the glove off leaving Vega's claws in his stomach. She wrapped her legs around Vega. With a quick blow, she used her scissor kick right through him splitting him in half.

As Sonya landed back down on the ground, she started to feel move dizzy from the loss of her own blood. Then, she fell towards the ground.

Ken saw this after defeating Motaro and ran over to her. He caught her just in time. "Are you all right?" he asked.

Sonya looked up at her. "Never been better." She laughed a little. "I finally got vengeance for Johnny."

"Vega cut you up pretty good," Ken said. He laod Sonya against the wall. "Just rest right now."

Suddenly, they heard a loud laugh.

"What was that?" Ken asked..........

"This is it Shao," Jax said getting into a fighting stance. "Your ass is going down tonight."

Shao laughed a little and got to his fighting stance. "And what makes you think that you can win, Jackson Briggs?"

Grrr, Jax thought. Not my real name!

"Because the good guys ALWAYS win!"

"Well," Shao said. "This time, it's EVIL who is going to win."

They approached each other slowly. Then, Jax ran towards him and began to throw punches and kicks at Shao. Shao blocked each one of them. Jax kept going hoping that he will find an opening or that Shao would get weak from all of the blocking.

Then, Shao grabbed Jax's right arm, the only arm containing his metal arm. Shao ended up pulling his metal arm off. He threw it aside causing it to break in half.

"Damn you!" Jax cried. "First, Reptile burns my left one, now you go and break my right one!"

Then, before he even knew it, Shao delivered a knee blow to Jax's stomach knocking the wind out of him. This gave Shao the opportunity to throw a very hard punch to Jax's face. The blow made a long gash in the inside of Jax's cheek. Jax could taste his own blood.

Then, Shao took him by the shoulders and delivered a head butt to Jax. He only managed to weaken him. As he fell to the ground, Shao let out a loud, evil laugh.

Everyone turned towards Shao. In horror, they saw Jax down on the ground bleeding from his mouth.

"JAX!!!!!!!!" Sonya cried.

Shao looked down at Jax ignoring everyone else. He lifted up his fist. "One more blow to the head and you shall die."

Jax looked up at Shao. He couldn't believe that only a few blows from Shao could make him feel so weak. Jax closed his eyes and prepared for his death.

Then, to his surprise, he felt an aura coming closer.

"HADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!" he heard someone cry.

Jax watched as Shao stepped aside. The energy just missed him. Jax turned his head and saw Ken with his arms extended. Jax rolled himself towards his friends while Shao recovered from the near blow.

Ken looked down at Jax. "Hey buddy."

Jax smiled weakly. "Thanks for watching my back."

"No problem," said Guile. "You look pretty battered. How about you go to the sidelines with Sonya and rest for a while."

"Yeah," Jax said and crawled over to where Sonya is. "Be careful you guys, he's dangerous."

Everyone nodded. Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Liu, Cammy, Dan, and Mika looked over at Shao, who stared back at them and let out an evil laugh.

Sonya looked over at Jax. "That laugh is giving me a headache."

Jax laughed a little. "Hopefully, we can recover quick enough to help them out."

"I don't think that would be long," Sonya replied.

Shao looked at the other eight fighters. "Don't think that any of you will make it out alive. Tonight, you will all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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