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Chapter Twelve

Three Weeks Before Christmas.......

Two days later, Rena and Nanase were working their shift at the restaurant. Rena had been used to working when it was not as busy, but today, it seemed like half of Metro City was in the mood to have Chinese food.

Two hours into her shift, Rena walked up to a big table filled with ten people, two sets of couples, and six children, the oldest probably eight- years-old, the youngest two-years-old.

"Hi, my name is Rena, I'll be your waitress for this afternoon. Would you like to order some drinks while you look though your menus?"

The youngest boy looked at Rena. "May I have a chocolate milkshake?"

"No Bobby," one of the mothers said. "You are not getting a milkshake!"

"No fair!" Bobby whined. "I want a milkshake!"

It literally took ten minutes for them to order everyone's drinks because the kids wanted a drink the parents wouldn't let them have. When she left the table, Rena sighed. She wondered how long it's going to take for them to order their meals.


"Okay everyone," said Guy to his students. "Next time, we'll be working more on the round-house kicks. Have a good day!"

Guy's students bowed to him before they walked away to grab their belongings. Guy sat down on the bench and wiped the sweat off his face with his hands. He looked at the time. He sighed of relief knowing that it's now his break time.

It was then that Cody and Greg walked over to him and sat on either side of him.

'Great,' Guy thought.

"Hey buddy, what's up?" Cody asked slapping Guy hard on the back. Guy didn't expect this so he accidentally choked on his own saliva and started coughing like crazy.

"Whoa, you all right?" asked Greg. "Do you need the hymelech maneuver?"

Guy shook his head from side to side, but Greg ignored this. He grabbed Guy from behind, but then Guy hit Greg in the stomach with his elbow.

"Oof!" Greg cried and pulled back. He rubbed his stomach. "Owe! What was that for?"

Guy yelled, "I don't need the hymelech maneuver!"

"Chill out," said Cody. "He was only trying to help."

"Yeah," Greg replied. "I'm just a good friend trying to help."

Guy sighed and placed his hands over his forehead. "Sorry about that. I've been pretty stressed out the last couple of days."

"You can talk to us about it," Cody said patting Guy's back......gently this time.

Guy sighed. He usually talked about his problems to Kairi, but he felt in desperate need to talk about what's bothering him.

Guy removed his hands from his head. "Ever since Rena was almost attacked at Jack's, I've been wondering about Mad Gear. Okay, so the guy from the club has nothing to do with Mad Gear, but what if he was?"

"Don't worry about it," Cody said. "There's nothing to worry about. Besides, what would they want with Rena? She's a harmless, young woman."

Cody was right. What would they want with Rena? Guy sighed of relief, feeling better about what Cody said.


Later after the dojo closed, everyone met up there after a long day for every single person.

"My feet really hurt," said Nanase taking her shoes off.

"Whew!" cried Greg covering his nose. "It's stinky in here all of a sudden!"

"Ha, ha," Nanase replied sarcastically. She began rubbing her feet to ease the pain.

Guy looked over at Rena. "How was your day?"

Rena let out a big sigh. Then, she placed her head on Guy's shoulder. "I'm REALLY tired."

Guy smirked feeling good that Rena was now by his side. "Well, work is over now."

"Thank goodness."

"Hey!" cried Hokuto. "Someone made a promise that she would spar with me today!" She looked at Nanase.

Nanase sighed. "Oh, can we do it next time? I had a long day at work and I'm tired."

"Well," Hokuto said. "When someone attacks you in this condition, would you still fight to save your own life?"

Nanase let out another sigh. "Okay, okay, I'll spar."

"Yea!" Hokuto cried.

The both of them grabbed their staffs and get into their stances.

"Cody, say begin," said Hokuto.

That's when everyone heard kissing noises. They turned towards the noise and saw Cody and Jessica making out.

"That is disturbing," whispered Kairi.

"CODY!!!" cried Hokuto.

Cody and Jessica both jumped and broke their kiss.

"Oh!" Cody cried. "Um, begin!"

The sisters narrowed their eyes at each other as they got ready for battle.

It was Nanase who made the first move. She leapt towards Hokuto and began throwing her staff. Hokuto began blocking each move Nanase made. Back and forth the sisters spared. Everyone watched, their heads moving from side to side.

Then, to Nanase's surprise, Hokuto jumped in the air and aimed her foot at her. Nanase dodged out of the way. As soon as Hokuto landed and turned to face her little sister, Nanase started throwing more moves at her. Hokuto started blocking those moves again.

Then, Hokuto managed to knock Nanase's staff out of her hands. The staff rolled over to the side. Hokuto aimed her staff at Nanase and jabbed it at her. Nanase performed a backward flip. With her feet, she managed to knock Hokuto's staff out of her hands.

Hokuto ran over to Nanase and began throwing series of punches at her. Nanase blocked them until Hokuto found an opening and punched her hard in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of Nanase. Then, Hokuto lifted her right leg up in the air and hit Nanase's back causing her to fall flat on her face.

Hokuto looked down at her little sister. Although the spar was short, she decided to end it since Nanase was tired enough from work.

Hokuto put her hand out. "You're definitely getting better, little sister."

Nanase managed to smile despite her loss. She took Hokuto's hand and was pulled up. "Thanks, big sister."

Suddenly, everyone jumped out of their skin as they heard glass break. They turned around to see the dojo's window shattered into a million pieces. On the ground was a brick with a piece of paper.

"That's not good!" cried Greg.

"What is it?" asked Guy.

Kairi slowly walked over to the brick. As soon as he got to it, he took the folded paper off of it. He opened it up. Just by looking at the letters, which were magazine cutted, it wasn't going to be a good message.

"So," said Nanase with worry. "What does it say?"

Kairi took a deep breath and read it out loud. "Soon, you will bow to Mad Gear!"

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