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Chapter Twenty

 "There it is!" cried Kairi pointing to a 70-story pink building on 52nd Street. "Mad Gear's main hideout."

He, Guy, Cody, Haggar, Nanase, Hokuto, and Maki spent ten minutes running towards the building. Jessica was now safe from the hands of Mad Gear and was now at Haggar' office with Greg. Now all they had to do was save Rena from them.

"Some building," said Cody. "You would've never thought it was one of their hideouts, especially since it's pink."

"True," said Hokuto. "But let's go." She looked at Guy. "Let's go save Rena."

Guy cracked his knuckles a couple of times. "I'm been ready."

They took a couple of steps towards the building and noticed a couple of guards standing by the door.

"I'll take care of them," said Haggar. He casually walked over to the two guards. Just before they raised their guns, Haggar took them both by their shirts and slammed them into each other knocking them both out. Haggar let go of them and let them drop to the floor.

"Way to go," said Nanase.

All seven of them ran into the building with Haggar leading the way.

"Where do you think Belger has Rena?" asked Maki.

"My guess," replied Guy. "The top floor."

The seven of them stood in the middle of the ground floor of the building and looked around. Haggar spotted a door with a sign saying 'Stairs.'

Then, a bunch of Mad Gear members popped out from different directions and surrounded them.

"Great," said Kairi. "Now what?"

"Guy, Maki," said Haggar. "You guys go ahead, we'll take care of these goons."

"Are you sure?" asked Maki wondering if he and the other four will be able to fight the Mad Gear off.

"Yes, I'm sure. Go!"

The Mad Gear jumped in. Maki quickly twirled her baton to knock the ones in front of her out of her way. Guy threw punches and kicks at them to clear a path for himself.

"With those stairs," said Maki. "I'm sure I'll be getting some good exercise."

"But it'll be worth it," Guy answered.

Guy opened the door to the stairs and the two of them began running up towards the 70th floor.

Nanase tripped some of the members down to the ground with her staff, then she looked at Haggar quickly. "What do we do now? They're too many of them, I don't think the five of us can fight them all."

"We'll have to make our way up," Haggar replied. "And fight them off at the same time. It'll take a while, but we can do it!"

"All right then," said Kairi."

They began fighting their way up and tried to reach the 70th floor of the building.

After a while of running, Guy and Maki reached the 45th floor. They begin to run out of breath, but they're not willing to give up so easily, not when they're so close to saving Rena.

Suddenly, the door to the 45th floor burst opened, stopping Guy and Maki in their tracks.

"Now what?" Guy asked with one eyebrow raised.

Then, two people walked through the door, a man and a woman. The man was very tall and largely built with shoulder-length brown hair. He wore what looked like a purple wrestling uniform. The woman with him was Maki's height with long, pink hair with a black military cap on top. She wore short jeans with the button opened and a white mid-drift shirt.

"Greetings," the woman said. "And what are you intruders doing here?"

"Out of my way," said Guy. "I don't have time for this."

The woman stepped in front of him. "I don't think so, honey. Andore and Poison will stop at nothing to make sure that you intruders will be exterminated."

Maki raised her fists in front of Poison. "Then bring it on."

"Same here," Guy replied. He raised his fists and stared at Andore.

"Fine then," Poison said raising her own fists. "But don't expect to win."

She immediately darted at Maki and raised her leg and swung it towards Maki's side. Maki ducked and took a couple of steps forward, spinning her body 180 degrees, and then landed her elbow into Poison's stomach. Poison pulled back holding on to her stomach. After a second, she ran back towards Maki who was ready for her.

Guy looked at Andore who cracked his knuckles a couple of times. "Get ready to be crushed like a bug."

Guy only narrowed his eyes in reply.

Andore only had to take two big steps before his was close enough to throw a punch at Guy. Guy pulled back, the fist only being an inch away from his face. Then, Andore threw another punch, but Guy bended his knees and the fist went over his head.

Just as Guy was straightening himself back up, Andore grabbed him from his wrists, but he managed to quickly slip out of them using the thinnest part of his wrists to go through Andore's thumb and index finger. Then, Guy landed his heel into Andore's gut sending the giant to the opposite wall. He stood in his stance at Andore slowly got up, his teeth clenched with rage.

"Come on, honey," Poison said to Maki. "Give it up. You know you can't win."

"You know," Maki said with a smirk. "When one is over-confident about anything, they wind up losing."

Poison growled and quickly ran towards her. Maki was ready as Poison threw a few punches and uppercuts at her. Maki blocked and ducked out of the way. Then, she twirled her baton in a fast pace and managed to hit Poison a few times in the face. Again, she backed up, but just before she recovered, Maki planted her baton on to the group and clutched it tighter. She jumped off the ground using her baton for balance and spun her body around in fast speed hitting Poison multiple times. With a final kick, Maki sent Poison flying backwards.

Andore ran over to Guy again and tried to grab him. Guy stepped to the side and threw another punch at him. Andore blocked, but then Guy ducked down and slid his body, with his foot pointed out, towards Andore's ankles. With his toes, he stuck his ankles sending him falling to the ground. As Andore fell forward, Guy jumped back up and brought his legs forward, performing a backward flip, and stuck Andore in the chin sending him flying back. Guy landed safely on his two feet.

Guy and Maki watched as Poison and Andore slammed into each other back to back. They land on the ground, both now unconscious.

The two looked at each other. "Well," said Maki. "That takes care of that."

"Let's get going," Guy answered. He lead the way again as he and Maki made their way upstairs.


A man in a wheelchair looked out the window. From behind him, he could hear one of his guards coming up to him.

"What is it?" the man demanded with a bit of harshness in his voice.

"Belger, sir," the guard said. "There are some intruders coming up this way."

Belger turned to the guard. "Guard the door and make sure they don't get into this room alive."

"Yes, sir," the guard said as he walked away and towards the door.

Belger looked to his right and spotted a young, Japanese woman in a chair, tied up. Her mouth was sealed with masking tape.

Belger smirked at the woman. "Well, looks like we'll be having some entertainment today, huh?"

The woman only narrowed her eyes.

Suddenly, the door swung opened fast. The two guards who stood by the door raised their guns, but the two intruders managed to kick their guns out of their hands and knocked them out with one punch.

Belger growled as he looked at the two intruders, a man and a woman.

Guy looked over at the Japanese woman and gasped, "Rena!!"

Rena could only reply with a muffle as Guy ran over to her. Suddenly, two other Mad Gear members blocked him.

Guy growled at them. "Get out of my way!"

"I don't think so," Belger said wheeling his electric wheelchair towards them. "I'm afraid that Mad Gear is going to have to kill you. I don't know how two of you managed to get through everyone, but that doesn't matter anymore. What matters is your death."

Suddenly, someone from Mad Gear was thrown into the room. He appeared to be unconscious. They turned to who threw the man in.

Guy smirked. "Kairi."

Kairi dusted himself off. "Man, you guys have some lousy members." He walked into the room, followed by Haggar, Cody, Hokuto, and Nanase.

"I see," Belger said. "Now I see how the two of you managed to get through.........there were seven of you. And now, seven of you will die."

"Not a chance," Cody said. "Mad Gear's operatives will end today and Metro City will be free from your grasps."

One of the men walked over to Rena. He took out a knife and placed it over Rena's neck. Rena's eyes widened with fear.

"RENA!!" Maki cried out.

"Let her go!" Guy demanded his fists once again raised.

"I don't think so," Belger said. "And don't worry, as soon as we kill you, well kill Rena as well." He looked at Guy. "Well, maybe we'll spare your life for a few more minutes, just so you can see the death of your girlfriend."

Guy only growled and narrowed his eyes in response.

Belger pointed to the seven friends. "ATTACK!!!!!"

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