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Chapter Twenty-One

 Guy, Cody, Haggar, Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, and Maki stood in front of Belger and his Mad Gear gang. One of them went up to Rena, took out a knife, and held it by her throat.

"RENA!!!" Maki cried out. Her heart broke as she saw the fear in her sister's eyes.

"Let her go!" Guy demanded, his own brown eyes filled with rage.

"I don't think so," Belger sneered. "As soon as we kill you all, we will kill Rena as well." He looked at Guy. "Well, maybe we'll let you live long enough to watch her die."

Guy only growled and narrowed his eyes in response.

Belger pointed to the seven friends. "ATTACK!!!!" he cried out. The Mad Gear gang began running after them.

"This will be quick," Cody said as he elbowed one of the men in the face. The man held his face in pain and he reared back.

Maki spun her baton knocking the men out of her way. Then, she performed a roundhouse kick, jumping into the air and twisting her body into a circle with one left extended out. She connected her foot into one of the men's head knocking him out.

Hokuto twisted her body along with her staff and she hit every man who came close to her. One of them tried to throw a punch at her, but she managed to duck out of the way. While she was still crouched down, she performed a sweep kick tripping the man down to the ground.

Nanase darted her staff forward stabbing one of the men at the stomach knocking the wind out of him. Then, she turned her staff sideways hitting more men coming from her left side. At the same time, another man came from her right. She extended her right leg back and managed to hit that man in the chest. He flew back towards the opposite wall.

Kairi extended his leg out and his heel hit one of the men in the face. More men came from behind him and he elbowed two of them in the face, then lifted both of his fists up and smacked both of them in the nose. As they pulled themselves back, Kairi managed to grab both of them by the shirt and threw them over his head. The two men knocked the men coming towards the front of Kairi.

Haggar threw many punches as he could at every Mad Gear member who came close to him. Soon, there were too many for him to handle as once. He did the one thing that he could do to defend himself from being overpowered. He extended both of his arms to his side and rapidly began spinning himself around knocking down all of the men who came near his large fists.

Cody kneed one of the members in the stomach, then followed it with his elbow once again slamming into another one's face. A couple of them threw knives at him, but Cody saw them and dodged out of the way of each of them. He lifted his right foot and extended it forward knocking another man down. Then, he slid his body and used it to knock down a few more in front of him.

Guy jumped up and flipped backwards, hitting one of the men in the chin with his feet. He landed back on his feet. Another man came from behind and he elbowed him in the ribs, breaking two of them. Then, he slightly jumped in the air and spun his body a few time with his left leg extended out, hitting the men surrounding him.

Within a few minutes, all seven of them finished all of Belger's men. They looked down at them. Either they were unconscious or too beaten and battered to get up.

Cody looked at Belger. "Face it, your men suck! You lose!"

"I don't think so," Belger said. That's when everyone noticed movement from one of the armrests of Belger's wheelchair. A small hole appeared from the armrest. It looked like...........

"A gun!" Haggar cried. "Everyone get out of the way!"

Everyone began running as Belger began firing away, the small bullets shooting in every direction. They would duck, dodge, and temporarily hide behind fallen tables and desks.

Kairi hid behind one of the desks closest to Rena. He noticed the man who held the knife in front of her throat.

'Guy,' Kairi thought. 'This is for you.'

Kairi stood up and somersaulted forward, dodging from the bullets. When he reached a clearance, Kairi jumped up, grabbed the man's face, and twisted his body around taking the man's face with him. After hearing a loud pop, Kairi let go and the man fell to the floor. Kairi grabbed the knife that was in his hand and cut down the rope that held Rena to her chair. Rena used her free arm to rip the tape off of her mouth. She began gasping for breath.

Kairi looked at her. "Are you okay?"

Rena nodded slowly. "Now I am. Thank you Kairi."

Kairi picked her up. "I'm going to get you out of here. We'll go call the FBI and hopefully they'll send a SWAT team as soon as possible."

"What about the others?" Rena asked with worry. "And Guy?"

"Don't worry," Kairi said. "They'll be all right."

As much as Kairi wanted to stay back and help his friends and siblings, he knew that this was the right thing to do. He knew that his older brother would appreciate this. He began running for the side door, which lead to the hallway.

Guy watched as his younger brother carried the woman he loved out of the room.

'She's safe!' Guy thought with relief. 'Thank you, my brother.'

That was then he heard a cry not to far from him. Nanase jumped by Guy and landed on her side. She held on to her right leg, blood piercing through her hand.

"Nanase!" Guy cried and crawled over to his sister trying not to lift his head. "Are you all right?"

"I'll be fine," Nanase replied.

Hokuto came over to them. "Nanase!"

"I'm all right," Nanase assured her.

"Get out of here!" Guy cried to his sisters. "Belger's too dangerous! Kairi took Rena outside, meet them there."

"Are you sure?" Nanase asked.

"Yes, and you're hurt any ways. Hokuto, help her out."

"Right," Hokuto said. "Be careful." The sisters then rolled over to the side door and ran out.

Maki hid behind the same table with Cody. Cody turned to Maki. "Get out of here while you can."

"No!" Maki cried. "This man kidnapped my sister and I won't let him get away with it!"

"I know, but she's safe outside now. Kairi took her."

"What?" Maki said and looked over at the chair. Indeed Rena was gone. She turned back to Cody. "But what about you guys?"

"Don't worry!" Cody insisted. "Go! Be with your sister!"

Maki was hesitant at first, but after a minute, she gave in. She dodged out of the way of the bullets and made her way to the side door.

Belger stopped shooting. Guy, Cody, and Haggar peered over their hiding spots and stared at Belger.

"No matter what," Belger said. "You will all lose."

"I don't think so," Haggar said and pointed to his right. Belger turned to his left and noticed the empty chair where his victim was supposed to be sitting.

"Damn it!" he growled and turned back to the three men. "My victim may be gone for now, but know that Mad Gear will still live on, no matter what. She will be with us again."

"And for your own pleasure?" Guy said with even more anger in his eyes. "You're a sick, twisted bastard!"

Belger laughed. "Now it ends.........for you three at least."

That's when something popped right out of the wheelchair and landed in the middle of the three of them.

"Crap!" Cody cried out.

But before any of them moved, the small bomb exploded, causing the three of them to fly back into the wall. They landed on the ground with a hard, loud thud. When the smoke cleared, they were all on their stomachs and not moving.

Belger laughed again. "There. I got you three out of my way now."

What he didn't know was that only Cody and Haggar were unconscious. Guy slowly opened his eyes. He felt the pain from the explosion taking over his body, the heat burning on his skin, and the dust entering his wounds, touching his sensitive nerves, which made it feel like a thousand knives stabbing through him.

'He......he took us down with one bomb!' Guy thought. He felt too weak to get up. He was starting to lose hope in winning this battle.


Maki ran outside where a crowd of people surrounding the Mad Gear hideout. The FBI and the SWAT team were in position, but there were no orders yet.

Maki made her way over to her friends where her sister Rena stood. Rena spotted her running towards them.

"Maki!" Rena cried.


The sister ran over to each other and immediately embraced. Tears of joy poured out of both girls' eyes. They stayed like this for a minute before they pulled back.

"What did they do to you?" Maki asked.

"The worse they did was knock me out when they first took me," Rena replied. "They were going to do more," she smiled. "But then you guys came."

Rena looked up at the building. She knew that Guy was still in there with Cody and Haggar fighting off Belger.

'Please be okay,' she thought with worry.


Guy felt like giving up. He believed there was no way that he would beat Belger. Every time he would go near him, a weapon would come out causing him to steer back.

But then Rena came to his mind. He didn't know exactly what Mad Gear has done to her but whatever it was, he didn't want it to happen to her again, and he didn't want anything worse to happen.

Determination began to consume him.

'I can't let them get away with it!' Guy thought. 'If I don't take down Belger, Mad Gear will commit more crimes and kidnap more innocent people. They would even kidnap Rena again!'

That was one thing he won't let happen.

He slowly began to get up, using the wall to support him. Belger sat there in shock.

"But......." Belger stuttered. "That bomb was supposed to kill you!"

"Apparently, it didn't" Guy growled. "Now I'm going to finish you off."

Belger sneered with amusement. "Try me." The gun came out again and he began shooting. Guy used all of the strength that was left in him and dodged out of his way of the bullets. He began going towards Belger.

Belger tried to back away as the Bushin warrior ran towards him, but he was too slow. Guy jumped up and smashed his heel into the armrest breaking the gun. Sparks surrounded the weapon.

"NOO!!" Belger cried out. He growled at Guy. "You little wrench!"

Guy narrowed his eyes. He ran a few more feet closer. "This is for all of the crimes you've committed and for all of the innocent victims in Metro City!"

Guy jumped up and kicked Belger in the chest. Guy only wanted to give me a lesson before having him put behind bars, but then he noticed the wheelchair rolling quickly backwards towards the window.

'Crap!' Guy thought and ran over to Belger, but it was too late. The wheelchair smashed through the window taking Belger with it. Guy watched helplessly as Belger fell 70 stories down to his death. He could hear his scream full of fear. The crowd below ran out of the way. When Belger was close to the ground, Guy turned around not wanting to watch the impact. He heard wheelchair crashing into the pavement. Guy dared himself to look down again. The wheelchair was in pieces. Next to it was Belger, all of the bones in his body broken.

'He's dead,' Guy thought with a sigh. He wanted Belger brought to jail alive and suffer for all of his terrible actions. Instead, Guy ended up killing him and there was nothing he could do.

Then, he spotted Rena across the street from where Belger landed. He smirked to himself. The events didn't matter to him anymore. All that mattered now was that his love was safe from the hands of Mad Gear.

That's when heard two painful groans from behind him. He turned around and saw Cody and Haggar getting up.

Haggar rubbed his head. "What happened?" he asked.

Guy sighed again. "Belger's dead, but it doesn't matter anymore. Rena and Jessica are safe now."

Haggar smirked as he thought about his daughter.

Guy walked over to the two and helped them up. The two supported themselves on Guy.

"When I get home," Cody said. "I'm going to have a bottle of Heineken and then go to sleep."

"Why am I not surprised that you said that?" Guy asked.

The three of them laughed a little.

"Let's go," Haggar insisted.

The three of them began walking out of the room.


Rena's eyes were wide opened at the sight of Belger's dead body lying on the pavement across the street from her. Although she felt a little bad that Belger died the way he did, she knew that it was a sign that Mad Gear's reign was finally over.

Then, she heard cheering from across the street. She smiled, tears of joy filling up in her eyes. She knew that Guy, Cody, and Haggar came out safe.

She began pushing her way through the crowd. Maki watched her by a TV store with the others.

"Well," said Kairi. "It's over. Belger's dead and Rena and Jessica are safe."

"And just in time for the holidays!" Hokuto cried. That's when they noticed snow falling down on to the streets.

"Good call," said Nanase with a smile.

Rena kept pushing people out of the way. She made her way across the street, where news reporters surrounded the three men.

It was Cody who spotted Rena just behind the cameramen and the reporters.

"Guy," he said with a grin. "You can let go of us. There's someone waiting for you."

Guy looked where Cody was looking. Emotions filled his heart as he spotted her.

"Rena!" he cried out. Although he still felt weak, he still managed to push through the cameramen and reporters.

"Guy!!" Rena shouted. The tears started to pour out of her eyes. As soon as they reached each other, they threw their arms around each other tightly and held each other close. Rena buried her face into Guy's shirt and began sobbing.

Guy was tearing up, but he managed to hold him back. He began kissing her neck and the side of her head as the cameramen pointed their cameras at them. Then, he buried his head into her shoulder and closed his eyes. He was thankful that Rena was alive and safe from harm.

Maki looked over at the TV shore. She noticed the footage on the TV's of Guy and Rena holding each other. She smiled.

"Look everyone!" Maki cried to her friends. Kairi, Hokuto, and Nanase turned around.

"Awe!" Nanase said feeling her own tears welling up. She was happy that Rena was safe and reunited with Guy.

Then, Guy moved his head back to face Rena. He wiped the tears from her face. Rena smiled. "I thought I would never see you again."

Guy smiled back. "But I'm here now." He touched her face and said, "Rena.......I love you."

Rena gasped a little. More emotions filled her heart and more tears fell out of her eyes as she heard those three words. She smiled more. "I love you too."

They leaned in and shared what was probably the best kiss they've ever shared. They didn't care about the reporters, cameramen, and the witnesses around them. All that mattered that that they were finally united.

Maki, Kairi, Hokuto, and Nanase had witnessed the whole thing on the TV.

"Woo hoo!" Hokuto cried with tears falling down her face. "They love each other!"

After a minute of their passionate kiss, Guy and Rena pulled apart to catch their breaths. Guy stroked her black hair. "Now there's only one thing left to do."

"Go home and get ready for Christmas," Rena replied.

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