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Chapter Eight

Rena looked at a mirror in her bathroom. She was wearing the out fit she had chosen to wear for her date with Guy tonight; a blue jeans jacket over a white turtle neck sweater and an ankle length skirt. On the left side of her skirt was a slit that went up to her knees.

She was applying her make-up on when Maki came into the bathroom. Maki was wearing her work suit from work.

"I hate my job!" Maki complained.

Rena looked at her little sister through the mirror. "Maki, I'm pretty sure it's not bad being a secretary."

Maki growled. "I do so much paper work. I don't get why my boss doesn't do any of them. All he does is sit by the computer and play pinball."

"I'm pretty sure that he was on his break."

"Rena, NO ONE sits in their office during their break." That's when Maki noticed Rena's out fit. She was already aware that her sister was going on a date with Guy, but she didn't think that she would look pretty classy.

"Rena, you look so pretty," Maki said.

"Thanks," Rena replied.

"You know, it's been a while since you've gone out with any men. I'm so glad to see that you are doing that again."

Rena sighed as she applied strawberry flavored lip-gloss on to her lips. She remembered how men act like great gentlemens when she first met them. Then when she got close to them, they act like the biggest jerk ever. She hoped that Guy will be very different from all the other guys.

Rena put her lip-gloss down. "I really do hope Guy is not like all those other jerks I've met in the past. Hopefully, he's the one."


Guy was all ready to pick Rena up from her apartment. He was wearing a green and gray strip shirt under a leather jacket, khaki jeans, and tennis shoes. He went into the bathroom to check his hair.

Then he heard the door knock. Guy sighed and went up to the door. He looked through the peak hole.

'Damn!' He thought as he only saw brown. 'I need to get that peak hole cleaned.'

He opened the door. Standing there were Cody and Greg with goofy smiles on their faces. Greg was holding a white bag.

Guy sighed. 'Now I really do need that peak hole cleaned!'

"Hey Guy," said Cody. "We came over here because we figured that you needed help with getting ready to see Rena."

"I'm fine," Guy said.

Cody sniffed. "I don't smell any cologne."

"Cody, you know that I'm.........."

"Guy," said Greg. "We know that you need some good stuff for your date, so Jessica brought some cologne for us." He started taking out the bottles of cologne. "We got Tommy Boy, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and my personal favorite, Romance for Men." He sniffed the bottle.


Greg pointed the Romance bottle at Guy. "Here, let me spray this one on you."

"Greg, no!"

Unfortunately, Greg sprayed the contents on Guy's chest piercing it through his shirt. Guy jumped up. "NOO!!!"

"You don't like it?" Greg asked. "Let me put on Ralph Lauren."

Guy growled and smacks Greg upside the head.

"OW!! What was that for?"

"Have you forgotten that I'm ALLERGIC TO COLOGNE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cody's mouth dropped open. "I thought it was Kairi who was allergic to cologne."

"Wrong Hinato!" Guy cried in anger. "Now I'm going to be itching like hell, and it had to happen when I have a date with a girl."

Greg and Cody got down on their knees and pulled down on Guy's pants. "Forgive us!!" Cody cried. "We'll do anything!"

Guy sighed feeling his anger go away. "I know you guys were trying to help, but do me a favor and PLEASE don't try to help me unless we're in a complicated situation."

The two got up. "Okay," Greg replied.

Guy looked at his watch. "I better get going or else I'll miss the subway."

"All right buddy," Greg said. "Have fun."

"But don't have TOO much fun," Cody said with a wink.

"Har, har, har," Guy replied. "I'll see you two bone heads later." He walked out of his apartment. "And don't hang around my apartment!"

Cody and Greg immediately sprinted out of the apartment and ran pass Guy. Guy looked back at his apartment, seeing the door wide opened.

'Morons,' Guy thought. He went up to the door, closed it, and then locked it with his key. Then he made his way towards the elevator.


Guy walked quietly down the streets of Metro City after getting off the subway. He looked around the city and saw all kinds of different people by the way they dressed, looked, and even acted. He could smell steel and debrie where there was construction going on nearby. Guy walked slowly trying not to slip on the slippery sidewalks and streets the weather left behind.

When he was a few buildings away from Rena's place, he saw a small Portugese man sitting by bins of roses of different colors. The roses caught Guy's eyes. He stopped to take a look at them. He noticed that one of the red roses is more bloomed than the others. He looked at the price of the roses. Guy took the rose and paid for it to the Portugese man who wrapped it in a clear foil decorated with Christmas trees. The man thanked Guy. Guy nodded and made his way towards Rena's apartment.

Later, as Rena put on her black knee-high boots, she heard the door knock. 'He's here!' she thought with excitement. She slowly walked over to the door and peaked through the peak hole. Indeed it was Guy standing by the door. He was looking around the hallway and moving his body from side to side.

Rena smiled and unlocked the door. Guy heard the door open and looked at it. He started to feel his palms sweat as he saw Rena. He has never seen such a beautiful person ever in his life. He clutched on the rose, which he hid behind his back.

"Hi Guy," Rena said.

"Hey Rena," Guy replied smirking a little bit. "Are you ready to go?"

Rena smiled showing off her perfect teeth. "Yup, I've been ready since you asked me to go to dinner with you."

Guy's smirk became bigger.

Rena turned to Maki who was sitting on the couch watching TV. "I'll see you later Maki."

"Have fun!" Maki called out. Rena stepped out of the apartment and locked the door.

Guy quietly took a deep breath and gave the rose to Rena. "I saw this on my way over here and it made me think about you."

Rena smiled as she took the rose. "That's so sweet of you. Thank you."

"You're welcome," Guy replied. "So, what restaurant do you have in mind?"

"Guy, I've only been living here a few weeks," Rena replied. "The only restaurant I know about is the one I work at, but I prefer something other than Asian food."

"All right," Guy said. "Then I know just the place."


"Howard's Steakhouse?" Rena asked. "Sounds like a good place to go."

"It's one of my favorite restaurants. My friends and I always come here whenever we're in a mood for steak. They don't just have steak here, they also have the best chicken cordon bleu in Metro City."

"Then let's eat here," Rena said.

As they walked into the restaurant, Guy started feeling tingly. Not in his stomach, but his collar-bone.

'Damn!' Guy thought. 'The cologne's taking effect!' He scratched his collar bone.

They met up with the hostess who brought them to their table. The table was near the back corner of the restaurant. It was a square-shaped table with a fake rose in a small vase and a candle in the middle of the table. The table was also covered with a white cloth. The restaurant's lights were dim setting a romantic mood. Guy pulled the chair back for Rena. As she sat down, he brought the chair forward so she would actually sit in the chair instead of falling flat on the floor. Then Guy sat himself down across from her. The hostess gave them the menus.

"Your waitress will be with you in a moment," the hostess said before leaving.

Guy and Rena looked through the menus. Rena spotted the chicken cordon bleu in the menu Guy mentioned about. After looking through the rest of the menu, she decided to get the chicken cordon bleu.

As Guy looked through the menu, he started to feel more itchy in the chest. He tried to ignore it, but after a while, he gave up and started scratching it.

A waitress came and took their orders. After she took the menus away, Rena looked at Guy. She could smell the cologne on him. "I love that cologne you have on. What kind is it?"

Guy swallowed. He was hoping that she wouldn't smell the nice scent of the cologne, but unfortunately for him, she could. "Um, it's called Romance for Men. It's not one of my favorites really."

Guy wanted to smack himself upside the head for that. 'Damn! Now I'm lying to her.' He scratched another itch.

"So," Guy said deciding to change the subject. "How was work today?"

"A little boring," Rena replied. "But at least your sister was there. She's the only person I talk to there."

Guy nodded at the comment. "Yeah, back at the dojo, Cody is the only other employee I talk to as well. Greg is someone Cody trains. I do talk to my students of course, but there isn't a real bond, you know what I mean?"

Rena nodded. Rena looked into his dark eyes. She was once told that if someone's pupils were big when they looked at something, it meant that they have a big interest in them. Guy's pupils were big, but at least he was looking at her face and no lower than her neck. This surprised Rena.

'He's not even taking a quick peek below my neck!' Rena thought. '
This is very unusual for any men.' She kept looking into his eyes.

Guy stared at Rena's face and sometimes looked into her dark eyes. The dimness of the room made her more beautiful, making Guy's heart threaten to explode. 'She's beautiful like that,' he thought.

Rena then realized that she had to do something about the silence. She smiled. "So, um, what did you do today before coming to my apartment?"

Guy replied, "Just slept until the afternoon, then I got ready to see you. Basically, you can say that I slept most of the day. I don't work at the dojo on Friday's."

Rena nodded. "I gave myself Friday's off too at work. It's just one of those days when you don't want to work."

Guy nodded in agreement.

They mostly talk about work while they were waiting for their food to arrive. When the food arrived, Guy smirked, "Ready to try the best chicken cordon bleu in Metro City?"

Rena nodded with a smirk. She cut a couple of pieces of her food, then took a bit of one of the piece. After chewing it and swallowing it, Rena smiled. "This IS the best."

Guy smirked. Then, the itching got worse. He started scratching again.

Rena raised an eyebrow. "I've noticed that every ten seconds you scratch your chest. Are you all right?"

Guy sighed. "It's a bit embarrassing, really."

Rena took Guy's hand. Guy could feel his hand getting warm just by her touch. "You can tell me," she said.

Guy sighed. "Well, before I left for the subway, Cody and Greg came by with a bunch of bottles of cologne. Greg sprayed one bottle on me, and, well, um, I'm allergic to cologne. They thought it was Kairi who was allergic to it, but I can forgive them since we're brothers. The cologne makes me itch like crazy."

Rena laughed a little. "That's so cute. No man would ever admit something like that. When we get home, I have a bottle of Gold Bond you can use, that will relieve the itching."

Guy smirked. "Thanks."

"No problem," Rena replied.


Guy and Rena returned to Rena's apartment a half hour later. Guy walked into her apartment for the first time.

"We just have to keep it down," Rena whispered. "Maki's working pretty early tomorrow and if someone walks her up, they'll get a beating of a life time."

Guy nodded. They made their way to the bathroom. Guy took off his leather jacket as Rena looked for the Gold Bond in the cabinets. 'Where is that bottle?' Rena thought searching through the cabinets. 'I just wish Maki could be more organized with things. A ha! There it is!'

Rena pulled out the Gold Bond and closed the cabinets. Through the mirror, she could see Guy without a shirt on. Rena almost dropped the bottle as she saw him. 'Whoa!' Rena thought. 'Am I dreaming?; Although Guy's chest was a bit red from the allergic reaction, he had a perfect built. Just seeing his biceps and six-pack made Rena want to melt to the floor.

Rena turned to Guy trying to keep her reaction inside of her. "Took me a while, but I found it," she said.

Guy went up to her to take the bottle, but Rena quickly pulled it away from him. "You've been so nice to me all night, so I want to pay you back." Then she thought evilly, 'I am going to enjoy this!' She put the Gold Bond powder on her hands.

Guy was speechless as she watched the young Japanese woman rub the powder on her hands.

Rena walked up to him. "Give your hands a break for a little bit," she said. She looked into his eyes and started rubbing the powder on his chest.

Guy could feel his heart hammer against his chest as she touched his pectorals with her soft, delicate hands. He looked into her eyes. He suddenly had the urge to kiss her. 'Should I?' he thought. He swallowed hard. 'It's not the right time. Not yet.'

Rena could hear him swallow. 'I must be making him nervous,' she thought. 'I hope that is a good thing.'

Guy started to feel his body go numb, especially every time her hand passed his heart. 'Can I control myself any longer?' he thought.

Before he knew it, Rena pulled her hands away. "Better?" she thought.

Guy sighed feeling a bit disappointed that the moment came and gone so fast. "Yeah."

As Rena washed her hands, Guy put his shirt and jacket back on. The Gold Bond has definitely relieved the itching, but he thought maybe it was really Rena's hands.

The two walked towards the front door. "Thank you for the evening," Rena said. "Maybe we can see each other again over the weekend."

Guy nodded. "That will be great. How about Sunday."

"Sure," Rena said. Guy opened the apartment door.

"Thank you for the Gold Bond treatment," Guy said.

Rena nodded. 'But which treatment?' she thought evilly. 'The powder or my hands?'

"Good night Rena," Guy said with a smirk.

"Good night," Rena replied. Guy looked at her one more time before making his way down the hall. When he turned a corner, Rena locked the door.

Down the hall, a man watched Guy leave the apartment. He stared at Guy until the elevator doors close.

He went on his walkie-talkie. "Belger, the woman we attacked previously has united with the man who saved her. It seems like they won't be seeing each other tomorrow. Tomorrow night, we'll attack."

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