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Chapter Thirteen
In the Base

The morning came and everyone woke up with the same determination and hope that they had when they went to bed. Once Chun-Li showed up and was introduced, Operation: Scott began.

After a one-hour jet flight (using high-speed Air Force jets), they finally arrived in Thailand. Their wore their own civilian clothes and headed to the Himalayan mountains, where the Shadowlaw base was.

Everyone already had their guns out, ready for anything. All stayed quiet until they reached a cave, which was the perfect Shadowlaw base.

“This is it?” asked Debbie with confusion. “A cave?”

“It’s a good illusion is it?” Guile asked. “Now remember all that I said to you. From this point on, we’ll split up. Chun-Li, take Ken, Debbie, and Cammy with you. The rest come with me.”

Once that was announced, Jake and Debbie turned to each other.

“Be careful,” Jake said to her.

Debbie smirked. “You be careful too, but I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

They shared a long passionate kiss before she followed Chun-Li, Ken, and Cammy inside. A chill went up Liz’s spine. It was nearly the exact last conversation she and Wagner shared before he was captured. After waiting a few minutes, she and her group went in.

All was quiet except for their quiet footsteps. Ryu was the only one without a gun. Before, Jake offered him one of his own, but Ryu refused the offer. He didn’t need it, which was odd for Jake to hear.

A few hours pass, which puzzled Guile. He then lowered his gun. “Something’s not right.”

“You’re telling me,” replied Liz.

Suddenly, the lights went on and they were surrounded by Shadowlaw dolls, none of them armed.

“Guess fair is fair,” Jake said putting his gun away along with the others. Once they did, the dolls dashed after them.

“Sonic boom!” Guile shouted as he threw his arms around. A yellow boomerang-like energy came out of his arms and knocked down some of the dolls. The ones he missed came after him. Guile defended himself with various punches and kicks before finishing off the result with his somersault shell move.

Jake and Liz mixed in their Tae Kwan Do training with their Special Forces style knocking down many of the dolls with their own strategies. They were hit a few times, but managed to pull through.

“Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!” Ryu shouted. He jumped up, put one leg one, and spun himself rapid knocking the dolls and sending them flying in the air. After giving more of them various punches and kicks, he used a Hadouken and knocked down the remaining dolls.

Soon, all were knocked down and defeated. All four warriors stood in their fighting stance for a bit in case they were attacked by more dolls, but once they knew they were all really down, they put their guards down.

“Well, that was easy,” said Liz.

Suddenly, two walls came down from the ceiling trapping all except Jake, who was lucky enough to stand a few feet from the other side.

“NO!” he shouted. He pounded on the wall hoping to find a way in, but it was no use. After a while, he began to focus again. They would want him to go find Wagner and the others. After another minute of thinking, Jake began sprinting down the darkness of the cave.

Inside the walls, Liz, Guile, and Ryu frantically tried to find a way out, but couldn’t.

“It’s no use!” cried Guile. “We’re trapped!”

“Now what do we do?” asked Liz.

It was then that Ryu sniffed. “Guys…I smell gas.”

Horror appeared over Liz’s face. “No…”

The three of them covered their mouths trying to prevent themselves from breathing in the chemicals, but it was no use. One by one, they went down. Guile was the last and before he fell into unconsciousness, he could’ve sworn that he saw a large figure standing over them…

After trying to sleep, Wagner opened his eyes again. When he did, he saw Second Lieutenant Ben Turner looking at him.

“I thought you slipped away,” Ben said.

Wagner forced himself to crawl over to the edge of his cell. He clutched on to the bars to hold himself up. “Nah, it would take a lot to kill me.”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself,” Ben replied. “You saw what happened to the others.”

Wagner was silent then. He knew he didn’t have that long to live. It had been six days since he was captured. Shadowlaw had only fed him twice including today and he felt himself getting weaker by the minute.

It was then that the door to the cell room opened, forcing Wagner and Ben to shield their eyes. Four soldiers came in, one opening both cells.

“Get up!” they demanded. One forced Wagner up and the other two forced Ben up. Wagner would’ve fought them had they not pointed their guns at them.

He saw Ben struggle and begging for his life. It soon irritated one of the soldiers and quickly he pulled the trigger ending Ben’s life. Wagner shook from the sound of the gun and Ben’s body landing on the floor. Upon that, blood quickly made a puddle under his head.

Then, another soldier placed his gun on Wagner’s forehead. “You’re the only one left, punk. Do you care enough for your life to cooperate?”

Wagner didn’t answer and only stared at the shoulder with a blank face. Then, the soldier took the butt of his gun and thrust it into Wagner’s abdomen sending sheer pain all over his body. He only let out an ‘oof’ and keeled over.

“Let’s go.” Then the leading soldier looked at the one who killed Ben. “Take that one to the tomb.”

The three soldiers then took Wagner through the dark hallway, which was a little lighter than the cell room. Wagner felt himself go in a daze, thinking about his loved ones, until he found himself thrown down to the floor in a large room.

“Here you go master,” one soldier said. “Unfortunately, we had to kill the other one. He wasn’t very cooperative.”

Wagner looked up and only saw dark figures. Their shapes made out petite women and one largely built man.

A dark booming voice soon spoke. “Good. Now let us be.”

“Yes sir.” The soldiers bowed and then left.

Wagner narrowed his eyes slightly. “I assume that you are Bison, the leader of Shadowlaw.”

“Correct,” Bison replied. After a brief moment, he reached over and pulled Wagner up by his shirt. He then took his other hand and tugged on the brown jacket he wore. Wagner heard him sneer before he was dropped to the marble floor. “Well, well, well, this is truly a surprise. I happened to capture the son of Kurt Wagner.”

This puzzled Wagner. “How did you know him?”

Bison laughed manically. “You don’t know, don’t you? He was a scientist, I’m sure you knew that…but did you know, he was a scientist for Shadowlaw.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You better. We’ll talk more later…if you live I mean. Right now, I have other things to deal with. In the meantime, why don’t you entertain yourself with one of my precious dolls.”

It was then that a few dim lights came up helping Wagner to see better. All the other dolls vanished except one, who stood in the light. It was none other than Viper.

Wagner stood up and growled. “You’re very irritating you know that?”

Viper said nothing and got into a fighting stance.

Wagner snickered a bit and then got into his stance. “All right, if you want to fight, I’ll use everything I got.” He looked into her eyes…her midnight blue eyes.

Suddenly, it was as though Wagner was hit hard with a baseball bat as he gasped in horror, slightly out of his guard. He felt like a complete idiot for not seeing it before. Viper didn’t appear in his flashes because it was a warning. No, it was something more than that. In his mind, Wagner put two and two together…and it matched just right.

Wagner began to tremble as tears developed in his eyes. “No, it can’t be…you’re dead…”

“No so,” he heard Bison’s voice. “It’s so nice to see family unite again. Has it been 10 years already?”

Wagner tried to hold his tears back, but they soon slipped down his face as he stared at the person who he watched die years ago.


Agent Viper was none other than Wagner’s sister!

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