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Chapter Fourteen
A Soldier's Cry


Wagner couldn’t believe it. He was staring at his very own sister, who he watched die at the hands of a madman a decade ago. But the thing was, she was no longer his sister…she was someone else.

“Resurrection truly is a special gift,” he heard Bison say. “After I killed her, I realized it would be such a waste to not add her to my collection.”

Once more, it all hit Wagner. Bison was telling the truth after all. His father was a scientist for Shadowlaw and whatever he did caused his family’s death…all because of Bison, the madman who murdered his family.

Wagner turned his head to Bison with rage in his eyes. Bison stood there, still in the shadows. “It was you…you killed my family!

“Technically, I killed your parents. Viper however, lived after all.”

“And it wasn’t by her own will!”

Bison sneered once again. “I knew you existed, but you must’ve traveled so much that I lost track of you after a while, but it was all worth it now. Ever since I lost my grasps on Killer Bee, Viper has become my greatest assassin, much better than that wrench Killer Bee. Now, the moment has come for the reunion party to begin.”

Wagner let out a growl before gathering up all his strength and sprinted after him. He ran quite well despite the fact that he had malnutrition.

But before he could reach Bison, he was suddenly kicked from behind and flew away from Bison. At that moment, Bison took the opportunity to teleport out of the room.

Wagner landed hard on the floor, sending sheer pain throughout his body. He looked up and saw Viper standing over him with an emotionless expression on her light toned face.

He was fully aware that she no longer remembered 10 years ago and before that, so it was no use trying to get her to familiarize with the past. After all, he wasn’t exactly the same person he was then.

He remembered when Cammy had dreams of being a Shadowlaw doll and meeting a purple-haired woman, who seemed as though she was a psychic of some sort. She kept asking her if she ever wondered who she was and wondered if she ever thought about how she came to exist. Cammy was never sure if that actually happened to her.

Wagner wasn’t sure if it would work, but he was willing to try it.

Before he spoke however, he was suddenly thrown across the room in high speed. He hit the wall and dropped like a rage doll. Wagner did his best to ignore the pain again. He turned himself over and saw Viper running towards him. A stunned look appeared on his face. It was as though she was one of those comic-book heroes with super enhanced strength.

What have they done to her…

Viper sprinted towards Wagner. “Engaging target!” she cried out as though she was only a mere mindless robot.

Guile, Ryu, and Liz had been sitting in the cell room for a few hours wondering what their fate would be. They also wondered if Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, and Debbie were safe and not captured as well.

But Guile wondered another thing. “From what I can remember, this was the only cell room. Where are the recruits then?”

They were silent again. Ryu wasn’t sure what to say and Liz didn’t even want to think about what may be happening to them now.

“Is there anyway to get out of here?” Liz asked.

It was then that two guards came into the cell room. The three of the stood up as the guards came over to them. One guard aimed a pistol at them as the other one opened the door.

“Don’t try anything funny,” said the guard with the gun.

As they were taken out, Liz couldn’t help but smirk inside. The guard with the gun made one slight mistake…using a pistol against them.

Once she was close enough, she immediately kicked the gun out of the guard’s hand, which flew in the air. She then jumped up, grabbed the gun, and aimed it at the guard.

“Don’t try anything either,” Liz replied. It was then that they heard a wet-like crack. Guile had went behind the other guard and broke his neck, killing him instantly.

Rage took over Liz’s eyes and the guard became terrified.

“So, how does it feel to be at the other end of the gun?” Liz asked with a growl. “What have you done with the recruits?”

“I, I don’t know anything!” the guard said shaking with fear.

Liz brought the gun closer to his head. “Don’t you lie to me! I may actually spare you if you answer me.”

“Kill me then. It’d be too bad then since you won’t find anything out.”

A clicking sound was heard and the guard shrieked then. “We killed seven of them!”

The three of them gasped with horror. “You monster…” Ryu grumbled.

Liz almost went into a panic, but then realized he only said seven, not eight. She was sadden for the other recruits, but she there was hope left that the last living recruit was Wagner.

“Tell me where they took the other one?”

“I’ve told you too much already.” Then, the guard took out a hidden gun, put it to his own head, and pulled the trigger. Everyone jumped back by the sound.

Liz spat on him. “Some honor you have you coward.” She turned to Guile and Ryu.

“Bison…he lied to us,” Guile said. “Well come on, we have to save the eighth recruit, if he’s not dead already…”

Then with silence, the three of them began sprinting out of the cell and down the hall.

Sgt. Jake Powers spent hours searching around the lair. A few times, he bumped into some Shadowlaw soldiers and dolls and managed to take them down, even when the odds were against him.

“Damn, where could they be…” he whispered out loud about the missing recruits.

It was then that he heard a loud cry followed by a loud crash. Jake immediately sprung into action and began running down towards the room until he reached the window. Through that window, he saw a doll sprinting over to a figure…a figure Jake immediately recognized.

“Wagner! He’s still alive!”

There were no doors nearby. The door in the room was on the opposite end. He decided not to take a risk in finding that particular door and decided to take the easy way in. He took out a small nuclear explosive and stuck it on to the wall. He then made a run for it and hid behind the corner.

“Fire in the hole,” he whispered.

Inside the room, Wagner managed to get himself up. He was completely battered and bruised. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t bring himself to fight Viper. After all, this was his sister.

Was…my sister…’ he soon realized.

Just when Viper was close to him, Wagner used whatever strength he had left to get behind him, grab her, and got her in a choke hold.

“Listen to me!” Wagner cried out, now going on with the plan. “Do you even realize who you really are? You may think you know, but do you ever wonder your existence and where you came from?”

After some struggle, Viper seemed to get control of herself. Wagner spoke more. “Do you realize that your real name is Lisa Ann Wagner? Have you ever asked yourself ‘who I am?’”

Then, Viper spoke. “Li…sa.” She sounded it out as though she was a toddler saying her first word.

Wagner then dared himself to say the next thing. “If you come back with me, I promise you that you can get away from this hell. They’re only using you here. I won’t, mark my words. You can be free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Please…”

Then, to his surprise, a single tear fell from her eye. Even though he still had a long way to go, he felt relieved to finally get through to her.

Before he said any more, a sudden explosion caused the both of them to cry out and fall back. Wagner still kept his grip on Viper, who was now unconscious from the impact.

“Wagner!” he heard a familiar voice cry out after the debris settled. Wagner saw the shadow run over to him and into the light.

“Jake!” Wagner cried out. Jake reached him and helped him up.

“You’re all right?”

Wagner nodded. “This is going to sound strange, but that girl at our feet is my sister…”

“What?” Jake said shocked.

“There’s not enough time. We’ve got to get out of here!”

“Where are the other recruits?”

“They’re dead.”

Jake became more shock but regained his composure. “Are you well enough to walk? We can help each other get Lisa out of here.”

“I think I can do it.”

But then, just as Wagner was bending down to get his sister up, he suddenly heard a gust of wind behind him. And that moment, it was as though everything went in slow motion.

He turned in time to see Bison right behind them, now exposed in the light. He wore a full red military-like uniform with a matching cap, the rim covering his glowing white eyes. A black cape slightly blew as he finished his teleportation.

Jake had heard the gust of wind too and knew something wasn’t right. He didn’t even have time to turn around when he was grabbed from behind by the neck. Jake was lifted in the air and just as he was fully lift, Wagner heard the one sound he could never forget…the wet-like crunch of Jake’s neck breaking under Bison’s one hand.

Jake let out a cry, his entire life flashing before him in seconds before he went limp, his blue eyes now cold as stone.

Wagner looked up at his best friend in horror. Just seconds ago, they were talking, and just as fast he was murdered. Bison let out a sneer before throwing Jake’s body and smacking into Wagner forcing him to catch Jake and stumbling back.

Once he was able to regain himself, Wagner looked down at Jake. “JAKE! NO!”

Wagner had the urge to tell him to wake up, but knew he would only be a fool to ask an already-dead person to do so. Tears steamed down his face as he held his fallen comrade close to him.

He only did this for a minute before anger took over him. He set Jake down and got himself up, his rage to the point that yellow shocks surrounded not his arms, but now his entire body. Bison was quite stunned when he saw that Wagner’s eyes were now glowing yellow.

Then it hit the madman. He once had the power of Ultra, which wasn’t as strong as his psycho powers. He remembered losing those powers when he had killed Mr. Wagner and his wife and daughter.

Wagner was there that day and didn’t even know it. When the house exploded, Bison lost those powers, but now he knows where they went.

Wagner now held the power of Ultra.

Bison let out a sneer then. “Well, well, well, so that’s where my powers went. I thought they had completely left me forever when I killed that scientist.”

Wagner didn’t even care about his powers at this point, even after a few years of wondering where he got them from.



Bison was quite impressed by Wagner’s choice of words there. He knew that a battle would take place, but there was one problem for Wagner. Bison knew the Ultra power well, so the battle was going to be predictable for him.

Before Bison could reply, Wagner sprinted after him. Wagner would finally get his vengeance whether he lived through this or not.

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