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Chapter Two
Veronica and Jasmine

After a long plane ride, Ryu and Ken finally landed in Hong Kong. They took a limo ride to the same hotel they stayed at seven years ago and even stayed in the same room, the one-floored room with a lot of rooms and a pool deck outside.

Ken began to arrange room services while Ryu did a few pushups. When he got off the phone, Ken came into Ryu's room. "Let's go and tour the city."

Ryu looked up at Ken. "By helicopter again?"

"Nah," Ken said. "Keith's on vacation, so we're going by foot this time."

Ryu shrugged to himself and got up.

The two best friends walked around the city. They looked at shopping malls, stores, etc. They stopped for lunch and then looked around again.

While walking, Ryu looked over at Ken. "Hey, do you think we could visit Chun-Li's house?"

Ken's eyes lit up. "That's a great idea. Let's catch a bus and go."

They caught a nearby bus and were driven downtown. When they got off, they saw the house...but it was deserted.

The two friends looked at the house in horror. "What do you think happened?" Ryu asked.

Ken shrugged. "Maybe they moved and no one ever brought the house." With disappointment, they walked down the street.

Before they knew it, the sun was set and the lights brighten up Hong Kong. Ken looked at the time. "We better get back to the hotel."

Suddenly, they hear someone cry out, "Give me all the money you have!" Ryu and Ken immediately ran to the commotion.

When they got to an alley, they saw five men pointing their guns to two attractive girls about their age. The men wore all blue and their faces were covered. One girl was five foot four with long, pin-straight dark brown hair and glowing green eyes. She had a thin, but toned frame and wore a white tank top showing off her abs, long blue jeans and blue and white ADIDAS sneakers. As for jewelry, she had four piercings in each ear, the first with silver hoops, two with diamonds, and the top part of her ears were small, silver balls.

The other girl was five foot eight, shoulder length curly black hair with bright red highlights and blue eyes. She too had a thin but toned frame and wore an orange tank top revealing her abs and her belly-button ring. She also had on black windbreakers and black Nike sneakers. For jewelry, she had on a black choker and a black band around her right arm. She wore a heart necklace with a rose in the middle and an eyebrow piercing on her right eyebrow.

The girl with the long hair laughed. "We're Americans for crying out loud!! Don't expect us to have Chinese money."

One of the men laughed. "We saw you at the mall, don't try to fool us."

Then, they heard a young male cry out, "Hey leave them alone!" The five men looked towards Ryu and Ken both in fighting stances.

Suddenly, both girls yelled, "HIIIII-YYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and jumped in the air. They kicked all five guns out of the men's hands.

Then men looked at the girls, both smirking, in horror. The curly-haired girl laughed. "Watch who you're dealing with next time." They started attacking them.

Ryu and Ken joined in. Ryu and Ken quickly finished two of the men off with their Shoryukens. They turned to the girls who fought the other three men. Ryu noticed the long-haired girl fighting two men.

"You need help over there?" Ryu asks her.

Then, the girl did a very fast cartwheel and kicked one of the men hard in the head. He fell forward and blacked out. The other guy came from behind. She jabbed him with her elbow into his face. He backed off and she did a fast roundhouse kick into his head and knocked him out.

The girl turned to Ryu, her long hair floating behind her, and smiled at him. "Nah, it's been taken care of."

Ryu didn't really listen to her when she said that. He was amazed at how strong she was for a thin girl.

Meanwhile, the other girl fought the other guy with kung-fu style. She jabbed her flat hands at him fast and delivered perfect blows. Then, she jumped and did a roundhouse kick in the air and knocked the guy out.

The girls looked at each other and nodded their heads.

Ryu and Ken applaud to them. "Bravo, ladies," Ken said. "You two a very good fighters."

The long-haired girl smiled shyly. "Thank you."

The other girl dusted herself off. "Thank you guys for helping us out." She smiled. "All we need is for them to be distracted and we'll be fine."

Ken scratched the back of his head. "So, you girls are vacationing too?"

The curly-haired girl smiled more. "Yeah, we're from America."

"So am I," Ken said grinning. He pats Ryu's back. "But my friend here is from Japan. My name is Ken Masters, and this is my best friend Ryu Hoshi."

Ryu smiled and waved at the girls. "Pleasure to meet you."

The curly-haired girl smiled. "Well, my name's Veronica Brewer, and this is my annoying little sister Jasmine."

Jasmine quickly turned to Veronica. "Hey! I'm not that annoying!"

The guys laughed. "Don't worry, Jasmine," Ken said. "You're not annoying...so far." He winked at her.

Jasmine shook her head.

"So," Ken continued. "How about we take you two out for dinner?"

Veronica shrugged and smiled. "Sure, that'll be cool."

"Yeah," Jasmine replied looking at Ryu. Ryu kind of felt his knees melt a little.

Later, they went to a Chinese restaurant uptown. As they waited for their dinners, the four chatted.

"So, what part of the country are you from?" asked Veronica.

Ken replied, "San Francisco. I live in a three-floored mansion with a very big front yard. It takes you twenty-minutes to get from the gate to my place."

"That's awesome," Veronica replied. "Jasmine and I are from New York. We lived there practically forever. We've also been taking martial arts forever. As a matter of fact, I lived here for two years studying kung-fu."

"You studied kung-fu here?" Ken asked in amazement. "That's awesome!"

"It was a great experience for me," Veronica continued. "I studied under Dorai Xiang, he was a great teacher."

Both Ken and Ryu's eyes bulged out. "You know Dorai Xiang?" Ryu asked.

"Yeah, you guys knew him too?" she said.

"We met him about seven years ago," Ken replied. "We visited here and we met his daughter Chun-Li who was giving us the tour and we met Dorai and another student, Fei-Long."

"I know Fei-Long!" Veronica. "I've kept in contact with both of them. Chun-Li was the one who insisted we come here for awhile."

Then, their waitress came with a big bowl of rice, four small bowls, chopsticks, and small bags of soy sauce.

All four of them grabbed a bowl, some rice, and chopsticks. Ken and Veronica took a bag of soy sauce and poured it on the rice. Just as they were about to eat, they heard loud munching right next to them. They turned around. Ken wasn't surprised to see Ryu devouring all the rice into his mouth at once, but was shocked to see Jasmine doing the same thing.

Veronica laughed and whispered to Ken, "Looks like we both got pigs to deal with."

Jasmine heard this and stopped. "Oink, oink," she said sarcastically and continued eating. Ken tried not to laugh.

By the time Ryu and Jasmine finished up all the rice, they continued their conversation. "So," Ryu said. "How has Chun-Li and Fei-Long been?"

Veronica replied, "Well, Fei-Long's doing pretty good. He just finished filming 'Flying Dragon 3' and it should come out in theaters in a few months. As, for Chun-Li, well, I don't know if you heard yet."

"What?" Ken asked.

Veronica took a deep breath. "Well, about four years ago when Chun-Li was eighteen, Dorai....he....was...was murdered during a secret investigation."

Ken dropped his chopsticks in shock. "He died?! He seemed fine when he got out of the hospital before we left the last time we saw him."

"Chun-Li never found out what the investigation was all about, but she was upset for awhile, but now she's trying to find the man who did it. She's an Interpol investigator now. She also got married recently to a really nice guy Liang Xu, he's an Interpol agent too."

Ryu sighed. "Things really did change for Chun-Li."

Veronica only nodded.

After dinner, the four walked back to the hotel where the girls were staying. "Well, thank you boys for dinner," said Jasmine with her shy smile.

"No problem," said Ken. "Say, how about we meet for lunch tomorrow? I'll pick you two up from there."

"That'd be cool," said Veronica. "Jasmine and I will only be staying a few more days. Then we'll be off to Paris."

"Yeah," said Jasmine. "We're going around the world to look for other fighters to challenge."

Both Ryu and Ken's mouths dropped open. "Wow!" cried Ryu. "We are too."

A big grin crossed over Veronica's face. "What, and I thought the world was smaller than I thought, now it's more like coincidences."

"Yeah," said Ken. "Say, how about we go together, the four of us, around the world finding other fighters."

"That'd be cooler," said Jasmine.

"All right," Ken continued looking at the time. "Look at the time, we got to get back to the hotel." He waves to the girls. "We'll see you two tomorrow."

The girls wave to the guys with shy smiles. Ken noticed Ryu eyeing Jasmine. Ken smirked to himself. Maybe, buddy. Maybe.


"Do you think this will work?" a tall man said to the short man.

"I'm hoping it will. This device will surely bring him back. It's been seven years since he was killed."

The man pulled on a handle. Then, the bolts began to light up and send out an electrifying sensation.

Then, the two men see exactly what they wanted to see....a tall muscular man wearing an army uniform with steel boots, a gray cape, a cap with the rim down low over his white eyes with a gold skull with wings in the front.

The sensation stopped. The man looked at the two men. The short man approached him. "Sir, it's been a long time, but my promise to bring you back with my reservation device has been kept. Seven years have passed, but you have not missed much."

The muscular man walked off the device and looks around. Then, an aura surrounded him and began to laugh evilly. Then he looked at the men. "Kenji, Dr. Harlem......Bison is back and ready to take over the world once again...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kenji and Dr. Harlem backed away as the aura surrounded him.

Bison smiled evilly again when he stopped laughing. "What I'm looking forward to most is revenge on Ryu Hoshi and Ken Masters for what they have done."

His laugh echoed thought the night.

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