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Chapter Three

 The next day, Ken and Ryu picked up Veronica and Jasmine at their hotel. The girls wore similar clothes but in different colors. Veronica wore a black tube top and white windbreakers with black linings on the top. Jasmine wore a navy blue tank top and beige jeans. Her abs were also covered.

"Hey ladies," Ken said with a smile. "Ready for lunch?"

Veronica smiled as the limo driver opened the door for them. "Whenever you are."

They drove to downtown Hong Kong to have lunch at another Chinese restaurant.

Veronica smiled. "We have a surprise for the two of you today."

"A surprise?" asked Ryu.

Jasmine grinned. "Yeah, and it's more than you expect."

That's when they saw three people entered the restaurant. One was a Chinese woman. She was wearing a red silk shirt and a long black skirt with a slit on one side. She wore her dark hair up in two buns on each side of her head. Her light bangs hung over her forehead and her dark eyes glowed in the light.

With her were two men. One was in his thirties. He was tall and muscular wearing a tight dark green shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots. His blond hair was done up in a mohawk style.

The other guy was about eighteen or nineteen years old. He wore a white t- shirt under a black jacket, black, blue, and light blue camouflage pants and combat boots. His blond hair was also done in mohawk style.

Ryu and Ken immediately recognized two of them. "Chun-Li! Guile!" They ran over to them and hugged Chun-Li. All three of them laughed and smiled. Then, they shook hands with Guile.

"How have things been for you trouble makers?" Guile asked with a laugh.

"Pretty good," said Ken. He looked at the young man next to him. "Who this? He looks like your clone."

"Ha ha," the young man said with a bit of sarcasm.

Guile patted the young man's shoulder. "This is Wagner, my trainee for the Air Force."

Wagner waved to Ken and Ryu. "What's up?"

Ken smiled. "Nothing much."

Then, Wagner snickered a little bit. Ken turned around and saw Ryu looking up at the ceiling.

"Ryu," Ken said trying not to laugh. "It's just an American way of say, 'what's happening to you lately?"

Ryu looked straight ahead again and shook his head. "Oh, oops!" He smiled with embarrassment and his cheeks turned red a little bit.

Veronica and Jasmine walked up to the group. "Shall we?" Jasmine asked. "I'm starving!"

"Um, me too," said Ryu.

"All right," replied Chun-Li. The seven of them sat at their table and waited for their lunch.

Then, Veronica held up seven tickets in her hand. "I got tickets to a tournament tonight, and guess who's going to be in it?"

Jasmine raised an arm. "Fei-Long!"

"Awesome!" said Ken. "When does the tournament begin?"

"Eight tonight," Veronica replied.


That night, the seven of them walked into an arena in downtown Hong Kong. A big crowd surrounded a big ring.

"Must be some big matches going on tonight," said Wagner his blue eyes widened as he looked around. The group went to the front and sat smacked in front of the ring.

"Awesome, a good view," said Ryu.

"Yeah," Jasmine said. She gave Ryu an evil grin. "Close enough to see sweat and blood flying."

Ryu looked at her in shock.

Jasmine shrugged. Her grin turned from evil to embarrassment "Sorry, that was pretty disgusting for a girl like me to say. I usually say weird stuff when I get excited about things like tournaments."

Ryu rubbed the back of his neck and smiled nervously. "That's all right, eh, I can be like that too."

Then they heard the announcer. "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Annual Hong Kong Tournament here in Hong Kong, China...."

After a few more announcements, the fights and betting's begun. Sometimes, when the person Jasmine cheers on is beating the crap out of his or her opponent, she would jump in her seat and cry out, "Yeah kick their a**!!!"

Just from watching her be excited made Ryu smile sometimes. He's never met a girl with so much enthusiasm before.

Then, they heard it. "Ladies and gentlemen! Our next fighter going up against our champion is known full well for his acting abilities and his greatest kung-fu style. The next challenger...Fei-Long!"

Everyone stood up and cried, "Go Fei-Long!!!"

The kung-fu actor known as Fei-Long stepped up into the ring. He wore his usual attire; his lose navy blue silk pants, white socks, and gray slippers. He left his chest, abs, and back exposed.

Fei-Long looked at his challenger, who was at least six feet tall, very big muscles, and wore nothing but green boxer shorts.

"Begin!" the announcer shouted.

Everyone in the arena watched as the match....ended within five seconds. The big man charged at the actor. Fei-Long then grabbed him by the shoulders and did a flip with them. He then grabbed the man by the neck and then threw him over his head. The man flew across the ring and hit one of the poles in the corner. Then, he lies there groaning in pain.

"Holy smokes!!" the announcer cried out. "Fei-Long is the new champion!!"

Fei-Long grinned. "He was nothing, I want a better challenge."

The announcer nodded. "Fei-Long wants a different kind of challenge! Is any one in the audience tough enough to go against the incredible Fei- Long?"

Then, Guile turned to Veronica and saw the evil grin. "Um, should I be worried?" he asked.

Veronica laughed a little. She got out of her chair and leaped into the ring.

"Hello, Fei-Long, long time no see," Veronica said.

Fei-Long turned to her and almost went into shock. "Veronica Brewer!! I haven't seen you since...."

"Yeah, it's been a long time," Veronica replied. She got into her fighting stance, her hands up, both her knees bend towards Fei-Long, and her heels up. She could hear the men in the audience whistling at her and making sexual comments, but she ignored it. "We'll talk later. Let's fight."

Fei-Long smirked and got into his fighting stance. "Sounds good to me."

"Begin!" the announcer shouted.

They both ran to each other and started throwing kung-fu style punches at each other. When one struck, the other blocked. This was repeated for quite awhile. The audience felt like they were watching a sword fight.

Then, Veronica suddenly jumped in the air. She jumped back and landed on the opposite side of the ring. "Let's stop play fighting," Veronica said. She grinned evilly. "Let's fight for real."

She jumped in the air again and put her feet together. Fei-Long followed put one leg out high and spun in the air. The entire arena overcame with nervousness wondering who's going to strike first or who was going to get the hard hit.

Veronica did a flip to dodge out of the way of Fei-Long's leg with her feet still together and her arms out. Then, she made contact with his stomach hard. The wind was knocked out of Fei-Long. They both fell to back to the ring. Veronica landed on both of her feet and bend down a little. Fei- Long landed hard on his back. He got back up. Veronica gave him a few seconds to breathe before she charged at him again.

She did more kung-fu style punches. Fei-Long only managed to block a few but after being struck in the face, he kind of gave up and took the blows from her. Then, Veronica finished off by jumping in the air again and did a roundhouse kick to his side. Fei-Long fell to the ground again.

"You win Veronica!" Fei-Long cried out.

Veronica jumped with excitement. "Yay!! I win, I win!!"

"She won, she won!!" Jasmine cried out jumping up and down. Then, she did a little Macarena dance.

Once again, Ryu couldn't help but smile. 'This girl has a lot of energy!'


At the end of the tournament, Veronica and Fei-Long met up in Fei-Long's dressing room while the other waited for them.

"You really improved, Veronica," said Fei-Long wiping some sweat off his face with a white towel.

"Oh, it's for a good cause, for me and for Jasmine," Veronica said.

"How is Jasmine?" Fei-Long asked.

"Pretty good now," Veronica replied. Then she sighed. "Although something happened about five years ago."

Fei-Long looked at her with a serious look. "What happened?"

"It's pretty personal. Jasmine and I prefer not to talk about it unless we're in a complicated situation."

"All right," Fei-Long said. Then he smiled. "So, why are you and Jasmine here?"

Veronica smiled. "The same thing Ryu and Ken did seven years ago."

"You sure you two want to do that?"

"Of course, why?"

"Because when Ken and Ryu went around the world seven years ago, something really bad happened."

"What happened?"

"Prefer not to say," Fei-Long said. "Let Ryu and Ken tell you."

Veronica shrugged.

Fei-Long got up from his seat. "I'm taking a break from acting for awhile."

Veronica smiled again. "So how about coming with us to our quest. We even convinced Chun-Li, Guile, and Wagner to come with us too."

Fei-Long shrugged. "I suppose I can. Life's pretty boring for me....well not at the moment." He gave her a grin.

Veronica shook her head and gave him her evil smirk. "Fei-Long, you can be such a flirt when you're not so serious."

"I could be."

"Say, why don't you get dress and all of us could go to a club or something."

"Sure," Fei-Long replied. Fei-Long put on a shirt and the two of them walked outside to meet up with the others.

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