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Chapter Thirteen

 "Thanks for teaching me the Cho-Hadouken," said Jasmine. She and Ryu were walking down the streets of London. From a few buildings down, they could see their hotel.

"It was my pleasure," Ryu replied with a shy smile. "If you need any more advice, just let me know."

Jasmine smiled with excitement. "Sure, I'll take to you whenever I need to."

Ryu scratched the back of his head. Since finding out Jasmine's dark past, he had forgotten the bubbly side of her. He was glad to see that in her once again.

They reached their hotel. They walked in and went towards the elevators. Ryu pressed the call button and the doors quickly opened.

"So," said Jasmine as they stepped into the elevator. "What time is it now?"

Ryu looked at his watch. "It's around dinner time."

"Great," she replied. She pressed their floor button and the doors closed. The elevator began to make its way up. "When we get back to our rooms, let's get everyone to go out to eat again. I promise I won't go ballistic with my powers again."

Ryu laughed at the comment. "Okay."

The doored open. Ryu and Jasmine become startled when they suddenly heard what sounded like a handful of fights.

"Uh oh," Ryu said. "Sounds like our friends need our help."

Jasmine smiled evilly. "Let's kick some a**!!"

"After you?" Ryu asked.

Jasmine quickly stepped out of the elevator with Ryu following her. They ran a few doors down until they reached their hotel door. Ryu kicked the door off its hinges.

Inside the room, all of their friends were fighting off a handful of men wearing ninja suits. Ryu and Jasmine realized that the ninja suits are VERY similar to the ninjas back in Paris.

"Looks like these boneheads want us for something," Jasmine said.

Wagner looked at Ryu and Jasmine. "Hey you two!" One ninja grabbed him from behind. "A little help would be nice!"

"My pleasure," Jasmine said. Jasmine performed a few backward flips towards the ninjas. The ninjas noticed her and ran towards her. Jasmine managed to kick a couple of them with her feet. Then, she straightened herself out. About five ninjas surrounded her.

Ryu ran up to some of the ninjas surrounding Wagner. He jumped in the air, aimed his foot out, and kicked two ninjas in the head.

Wagner looked up. "Thanks, man. I owe you one." He punched a ninja right in the gut."

Guile looked up at everyone. "They're too many of them! We need more help than this."

"If only Mason was here with his baton," said Chun-Li.

Suddenly, the ninjas pulled away from the fighters and ran towards the door.

"What the......" Fei-Long managed to say.

Ken laughed. "I think they are giving up!"

Suddenly, all of the ninjas took out handguns. Since there were about thirty of them and only nine of them, the good fighters had no choice but to give up. All of them raised their hands.

Then, someone appeared in the hallway of the hotel room. No one could see who the person was.........until they step into the light.

Both Ryu and Ken looked up at the figure in shock. He was tall and bald with an eye patch covering one of his eyes.

"Sagat?" asked Ryu. He met the Muay Thai Champion seven years ago when he and Ken were in Thailand.

"Well, if it isn't Ryu and Ken," Sagat said followed by an evil laugh. "Shadowlaw has been looking for you."

"Shadowlaw?" asked Jasmine. "What kind of organization is that?"

"We'll explain later," said Guile.

"Sagat," said Ken. "You were a good guy when we met you and now you're in Shadowlaw?"

Sagat laughed again. "We met seven years ago, didn't we? People can change a lot between that time and now."

"What is it that you want from us?" asked Fei-Long angrily.

Sagat held up a tape. "Ransom money."

"Ransom?" asked Veronica. "We're all here, so who could you possibly be holding for ransom."

Sagat walked over to the VCR set and popped the tape in. "This is for what you've done seven years ago."

The tape played.

At first, everyone becomes confused. There were only people walking around. Then, a figure appeared in the tape. Everyone but Veronica and Jasmine gasped with horror. The man was all too familiar to everyone else. Just looking at the gray cape and the rim of his hat told them that no introduction was needed.

"Bison!" cried Guile angrily.

Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Fei-Long, and Liang stared at the TV with anger. Wagner slowly walks up to the TV and stared at the madman.

"Bison, so that's his name," Wagner said. His heart filled with anger and tears started to develop in his eyes. His right hand became surrounded with yellow shocks. "HE'S THE ONE WHO KILLED MY FAMILY!!! HE WILL PAY!!!"

Before Wagner punched the TV, Guile ran over to them and grabbed Wagner's wrist. "Wait! There may be more."

Indeed there was. Bison smiled at the camera. "Greetings, old friends. Have you ever heard of the word, resurrection? Well, as you can see, an invention here at my lab has resurrected me so I can continue to dominate the world under my power."

"You won't get away with it!" cried Fei-Long.

"Who the hell is he?" Jasmine demanded.

"A madman," Ken replied clenching his teeth.

Bison continued. "I'm pretty sure that you are all surprised by this, but you will eventually get over it. By the way, look behind me."

The camera moved over his shoulders. Chained to a wall were two blond women.

Ken and Guile immediately recognized them.

"Oh God!!" cried Guile running up to the TV. "JANE!!"

"ELIZA!!!!!" Ken cried following him.

The camera quickly turned back to Bison. "Don't worry about your daughter, Guile. We have her here as well. My guards are taking very good care of her."

Guile clenched his fists knowing that a madman kidnapped both his wife Jane and his daughter Amy.

"Two billion dollars will cover the ransom," Bison said. "You have 72 hours to give me the money, or else you will never see your women again."

Bison laughed evilly until the camera turned off.  All the TV shows were white fuzz.

Guile turned to Sagat, tears falling out of his eyes. "I swear, if something happens to my family, Shadowlaw will wish that they never existed!!"

"Same here!" cried Ken.

Sagat laughed. "We'll see about that!"

The ninjas fired their gun.

Instead of bullets, everyone was shot with a couple of darts. The darts contained poison. The poison quickly entered their body, making them feel dizzy. Before anyone knew it, all of the good fighters fell to the floor, unconscious.


"Wha......what happened?" asked Liang. Hours later, everyone woke up from the treatment.

"Ow!" cried Ken. "We're chained to a wall." He pulled down on the tight chains holding him and everyone else against the wall.

Suddenly, lights turned on making everyone close their eyes tightly. When they opened them again, they saw a small fighting ring. Sagat stood in the middle.

"Release my chosen opponent," Sagat demanded.

Everyone became confused as the guards ran over to the fighters.

"What the hell?" asked Veronica in confusion.

The guards ran over to Ryu and unchained him off the wall.

Jasmine's eyes became wide. "Ryu....."

Ryu looked over at Jasmine. "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

The guards dragged Ryu over towards the ring where Sagat waited.

Sagat got into a Muay Thai stance as the guards threw Ryu carelessly into the ring. Ryu tumbled down on his stomach. "So," Sagat said. "I remembered a promise we made seven years ago. The next time we would meet, we would have another match."

Ryu slowly got up, still feeling weak from the poison. He looked up at Sagat, narrowed his eyes, and got into a fighting stance. "I remember, I never forget a promise. Let's fight."

"Are you sure?" Sagat said. "You still look a bit weak from that treatment we gave to you and your friends."

Ryu slowly walked over to Sagat. Suddenly, he broke into a sprint.

"I'm sure!" Ryu cried out before jumping in the air. He let out a battle cry and aimed his foot at Sagat.

Sagat immediately blocked the move. Ryu jumped back down to the ground. Sagat immediately kneed him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

"Come on Ryu!" cried Veronica.

"You can do it, Ryu!!" cried Ken.

Unfortunately, Ryu was still weak from the poison. Sagat started throwing series of punches at him. Ryu tried to block them, but he couldn't focus.

Wagner felt a bit of rage inside of him. Yellow shocks surrounded his right hand. He clenched his fist and immediately broke the chain surrounding his right hand. The chain fell to the ground as sand particles.

"I'll take care of him!" he cried.

Then he looked at Jasmine who was chained next to him.

Her green eyes become filled with tears as she watched Ryu get his beating. Wagner could also see anger in her eyes.

Wagner smirked at her. "Actually," he said. He reached over to her and broke both chains off of her wrists. She landed on the ground with her feet. "I figured that you would take care of this."

Jasmine smirked at Wagner feeling dizzy. "Thanks, Wagner. You're a nice guy when you're not such a bonehead."

"Har har har," Wagner replied. "Now beat Sagat and save Ryu."

"Right," Jasmine replied. She ran over to the ring.

Another blow in the stomach made Ryu cough up blood. As Ryu looked up, he saw Jasmine somersaulting in the air flying towards the ring.

"Jasmine, no!!!" Ryu cried. "He's dangerous!!"

Jasmine extended her feet out and tried to kick Sagat in the head. Sagat saw this quickly and blocked the move. Jasmine landed back on the ground as Ryu collapsed.

"How about you fight me instead?" Jasmine asked, her teeth clenched. She jumped in the air and planted her feet on his shoulders. She clenched on to his jaws and attempted to flip him over.

Then, to her surprise, Sagat grabbed her legs.

"WHOA!!" Jasmine cried. She ended up hanging upside down by Sagat's hands.

"Jasmine!!" Veronica cried.

Sagat swung her around a couple of times before letting go. With a loud shriek, Jasmine flew across the ring. She landed back on the ground and slid a few feet back. She quickly got up.

Sagat put his hands out. "Tiger!" he cried. An energy flew out of his hands. Jasmine got hit by the energy sending her flying in the air.

Then, everyone watched in horror as Sagat jumped up, put his knee out, and planted a very hard blow to her chest.

"Tiger genocide!!!!" Sagat cried out.

"Oh God!!" cried Chun-Li. "Jasmine!!!!"

Ryu looked up as he saw Jasmine scream in pain. As she disconnected from his knee. Ryu get up. "You bastard!" he cried. He crouched down and put his fist up. Then, he jumped in the air.

"SHO-RYU-KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ryu cried out. He managed to hit Sagat...right across the chest. Blood immediately spritted out of his chest.

"Ouch!" cried Wagner. "That's going to leave a nasty scar!"

Ryu landed back on the ground. Sagat landed back down with a hard thud.

The guards ran up to the ring with their guns out.

"Hands up!" one guard cried.

Suddenly, their guns were sucked out of their hands. They turned around and saw that their guns are turned into sand particles. Wagner stood over them with his hand out.

"Ha!" Wagner cried. "Looks like my powers are a magnet too!" He winked at the guards.

The guards ran away with fear.

Wagner turned back to his friends and ripped the chains off of them.

"Jasmine!" Veronica cried. Everyone ran over to the ring.

Ryu looked over towards where Jasmine laid. He ran over to her and bended down to her.

"Jasmine?" Ryu asked.

Jasmine looked up at him, her eyes half opened. "I....I tried to help...AAAHH!!!" she cried out. She held on to the side of her chest.

Ryu slowly reached over to her and checked with two fingers for any broken ribs. Then, he felt a couple of them cracked. As he touched them, Jasmine cried out in pain.

"They're broken," he said. "Let's try to find our way out of here and get you to a hospital."

Because of the intense pain, tears fell out of Jasmine's eyes. "I can't believe I lost........AAAHH!"

"Jasmine," said Ryu. "Just don't speak."

"Ryu," Jasmine said. "Just hold me! Hold me, damn it!"

Ryu nodded. He carefully lifted her up and held her in his arms like a small, fragile kitten. Jasmine wrapped one arm around him. Tears continued to fall out of her eyes.

Ryu looked at her and wiped the tears away. "I know it hurts," he said. "But you'll be fine, I promise."

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