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Chapter Nineteen
The Surprise Guest

 Ken, Guile, Veronica, Fei-Long, Chun-Li, and Liang ran through the long, dark hallway not knowing where to go next. They all only knew two things....find Ryu and Jasmine, get Wagner, Eliza, Jane, and Amy, and find Bison and end Shadowlaw even if it meant their own deaths.

"Where do you think they are?" asked Veronica. She started feeling out of breath, but she knew that she had to keep going if she wanted to find her sister alive.

"I'm not sure," said Guile. "I bet you that this is a big place."

"Yeah," agreed Fei-Long.

It was then that they heard another footstep running towards them. All six of them stopped in their tracks.

"Someone's coming," whispered Liang.

"Who do you think it is?" asked Chun-Li.

"I don't know," said Ken. "But I bet you that this person works for Bison. Get ready."

All of them got into their fighting stances as they saw a shadow running towards them. They narrowed their eyes at the figure getting ready to strike.

Then, the figure stopped under the light revealing who it was. Everyone gasp and put their guards down.


"Hey guys," Ryu said out of breath. "I'm glad that I found you."

"We are too," replied Ken. "We weren't sure if Shadowlaw captured you and Jasmine, but now we know. Where is she any ways?"

"That's what I like to know. Where's Wagner?"

"He's being held in a dungeon," replied Fei-Long. "We also found Jane and Eliza, and we're also looking for Guile's daughter Amy."

"All right," said Guile. "We are going to have to split up so our searches will be easier."

"How about if Liang and I try to search for what resurrected Bison?" asked Chun-Li. "That way, we can finally end his organization."

"That's fine," Guile replied. "Fei-Long, Ryu, and Veronica, you guys look for Jasmine. Ken and I will go back to Wagner, Eliza, and Jane and we'll also try to find Amy."

"All right," replied Veronica. "Let's do this. Good luck everyone."

They all nodded before heading towards separate directions.

Ryu, Veronica, and Fei-Long spent ten minutes searching for Jasmine.

"I just hope that we can find her," said Veronica. "After all, she did break her ribs by that tall guy."

"Sagat," replied Ryu feeling a shiver go up his spine.

They kept running. Despite how healthy they were, they begin to run out of breath, but all three of them knew that they must keep going now matter how tired they are. They knew that they had to find Jasmine before it's too late.

Then, they began to pass an area with the walls made out of glass. Despite how dark it was the three of them noticed two people in one of the rooms. They stopped and look through the glass wall.

"Seems like there is going to be some practicing in there," said Fei-Long. "But both of them have long hair, I can tell. What if one of them is......."

That's when the lights in the room suddenly turned on leaving the three of them temporarly blinded. Afraid that they would be seen, they hide behind the knee-high brick wall and peeked over it.

They immediately recognized the figure with the waist-length dark brown hair and green eyes.

"Jasmine!" cried Ryu. He started getting up, but Fei-Long and Veronica pulled him back.

Then, they noticed the figure in front of Jasmine. It was a man with long blond hair tied back in a loose braid. He only wore yellow and purple pants with black slippers and left the upper half of his muscular body exposed. A snake tattoo wrapped around his right arm and body. On his left hand was a glove containing three long claws. He wore a mask over his face with a T on the left side.

There was no mistake in who this man was.

"Vega," Ryu and Fei-Long said at the same time.

But it was Veronica who said the most disturbing thing. "Guys........this was the man who attempted to rape my sister."

The guys looked at her in total shock.


Bison looked down at the unconscious Wagner in the control room. His head was slanted to the side and blood trickled down his head.

Bison sneered. "I guess it runs in the family. Like your father, you were such a fool for thinking that you can overpower me. That's why your father was killed along with the rest of your family."

He reached over to Wagner's bruised neck and touched it with two of his fingers. He could feel pounding underneath the neck.

"Now it's your turn, Scott. You will now join your family. You have such young features.....I think I can use your body for me to survive in. This body is aging any ways."

Bison then reached over to his neck, wrapped his hand around his neck and lifted him up in the air.

"It's a shame that you're unconscious. I would give anything to see you beg for mercy."

Just before Bison could break his neck, a sudden electricity hit Bison from behind causing him to drop Wagner. Bison turned around quickly. He saw a young man behind him, his baton pointed out filled with electricity. His black hair with white streaks hung over his blue eyes which were narrowed.

Bison grinned evilly. "Why, if it isn't Mason Storm?"

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