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Chapter Twenty
The Awaited Battle

 Jasmine woke up in a pitch-black room. She tried to see where she was, but could only see darkness.

"Where am I?" she asked herself. It was then that she heard a PA system come on.

"Greetings Jasmine," a booming, demonic voice said. "So glad that you are finally awake."

Jasmine looked up, her long hair flipping back. "Who are you? What do you want?"

The person in the PA system laughed. "I'm guessing that you don't recognize my voice. Let's just say that we met not too long ago."

Jasmine's eyes became wide.


"You bastard!" Jasmine cried out. "You better show yourself so I can kick your ass!"

Bison only laughed. "I'm afraid that can't be arranged at the moment. But, I do have something special for you."

It was then that the lights in the room turned on. The brightness of it causes Jasmine to shield her eyes for a minute. Then, she peaked over her arms. She was in a room that looked like a sparring room. The walls were made out of glass except for some knee-high concrete.

Then, Jasmine noticed a figure standing in front of her. She gasped knowing who he was. His long blond hair was tied to a loose braid, his blue eyes stared at her coldly though his mask, his shirtless muscular body tattooed with a snake. She saw the claw on his left arm, which terrified her a little.

Jasmine stared at the man who attempted to rape her so many years ago. She would never forget the claws, the mask, the cold blue eyes.......and the shot he gave her.

"Well, it's been a long time," the man said followed by a feminine-like giggle. "Allow me to introduce myself incase you have forgotten. My name is Vega De La Cerna."

Jasmine narrowed her green eyes. "You.......you were the one who hurt me."

Vega laughed. "So, you do remember who I am. It seems so long ago that I came to America to compete in a Bullfighting tournament, which the country rarely holds, and stared into your lovely face."

Jasmine growled a little. "When I was sixteen, I was nothing but a weak, defenseless teenager. It's been five years Vega, people change."

Vega only laughed. "Maybe so, but it doesn't mean that you will live through all of this. It was a good thing I escaped the country before the police caught me."

Jasmine looked down. Despite being a famous bullfighter, Vega managed to get away.

Then, she looked back up at Vega. "The police may have not been able to catch you, but it's me who is going to make sure that you suffer."

She stood on her feet and got into a fighting stance.

Vega got into his fighting stance as well. "You think that you can fight and beat me?"

Jasmine said nothing as she jumped in the air and prepared to battle with Vega. This was the battle she has always wanted.

Meanwhile, Ryu, Veronica, and Fei-Long watched as Jasmine jumped in the air and flew towards Vega.

"Jasmine, no!!" Ryu cried.

It was then that some guards spotted the three of them.

"Hey, here are some!" one said. They brought up their rifles and ran towards the fighter.

"Great," said Fei-Long as he and the others got ready to fight.


When she was close enough, Jasmine extended her legs out and performed a scissor kick at Vega. Vega dodged out of the way and rolled backwards. Jasmine landed on the ground and then jumped towards the wall. He bounced off of it and flew towards Jasmine with his claws out. Jasmine ducked and rolled onto her back. As Vega passed her, she extended one leg, caught him by the stomach with her foot, and pushed him upward causing him to fall hard onto his back.

Jasmine jumped back on her feet as Vega does the same. Vega ran towards her with a battle cry. He started throwing kicks and punches at her, but Jasmine managed to block them......until he slashed her face with his claws.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" she cried out. She pulled back as she felt her own blood fall down her face. "Damn you!"

She ran over to him and threw her own punches and kicks at Vega.

Meanwhile, Ryu, Veronica and Fei-Long were doing a pretty good job beating up the guards.

Then, Veronica looked over at the men. "You two go!" she cried out.

Fei-Long looked at her, his brown eyes wide. "Veronica, there are like ten guys here! You can't take them on by yourself."

"I'll be fine!" Veronica cried. "Just go! Find the others!"

Ryu and Fei-Long finished up with beating their guards before running down the hall, but not before Fei-Long looked back at Veronica for a moment.....


Jasmine managed to finally find an opening and gave Vega a hard slug in the stomach. Then, she performed a cartwheel kick throwing Vega down to the ground. As he fell, Vega managed to slash her leg.

"Damn!" Jasmine cried out jumping back. Vega flipped backwards and stood up.

"Seems that you have some very good fighting skills," Vega replied. "But I'm afraid that I can't let you live. You are an interference to Shadowlaw and they want you and your friends disposed of."

Jasmine narrowed her eyes again. "So that's why you captured us. You took us here so you can kill us because you knew that we would foil your plans."

"Clever, my dear."

Jasmine growled. "But we will not let Shadowlaw interfere with innocent people and their futures!" She ran over to him again. She jumped in the air again with her legs extended. Vega blocked his face knowing that Jasmine would kick him there, but she kicked him in the neck instead causing him to gasp for breath.

Vega fell down to his knees as Jasmine kneed him in the stomach. He stumbled towards the wall.

Jasmine stared at him with anger. "What was that chemical shot you gave me?"

Vega slowly looked up at her. "It was a poison that was supposed to make you weak, but it gave you more power instead. That was why you managed to free yourself from my grasp and run off." He let out a sigh. "Unfortunately, I have forgotten about it and I've underestimated you."

Jasmine began to let her guard down a little.

Vega looked up at her. What Jasmine didn't realize was that Vega was grinning sadistically underneath his mask.

"But I'm afraid, my dear," Vega continued. "You are not strong enough to beat me."

He suddenly leapt in the air and flew over her. Jasmine dodged out of the way. Vega slashed his claw, but only ends up cutting off the edge of her hair.

Jasmine looked at her hair. It was still very long, but an inch of it was gone. "Thanks a lot, I needed a trim."

Vega growled and ran over to her again. Jasmine jumped in the air and managed to stand on his shoulders and grabbed on to the bottom of his jaws. Then, she flipped herself over sending Vega flying in the air......and crashing through the glass wall.

Jasmine looked over at Vega. He lied there unconscious. Then, she noticed Veronica and about three guards looking over at Vega.

Jasmine jumped through the glass and then brushed herself off. "That was easy. Heh, and he said I wasn't strong enough to beat him."

Then, one guard said, "I got this one!" He ran over to Jasmine, but Jasmine easily knocked him out with one punch in the head. Veronica finished off the remaining two guards with a scissor kick.

The sisters ran towards each other. Veronica smiled. "A job well done, little sister."

"Good to see you again, big sister," Jasmine replied. "But right now we have bigger problems."

"You're right," Veronica replied. She quickly explained everything that has happened. Jasmine explained her story afterwards.

"So let's go find the others," Jasmine concluded. "We have a world to save and we can't do it by ourselves."

The sisters began running down the hall with Veronica leading the way.

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