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Chapter Twenty-One

 Mason stared at the leader of Shadowlaw. The madman grinned evilly at the FBI agent.

"So Mason Storm," Bison said. "What brings you here at this lovely time?"

"You know exactly why I am here," Mason replied with anger. "You've killed many people and destroyed innocent lives, mine included. You've killed my parents, and now you will suffer at my hands."

Bison sneered. "I would like to see you try Agent Storm, but I'm afraid that you are underestimating me. I have powers beyond your own imagination. I intend to end your own life quickly. Hold still and I'll make it painless for you."

"Never," Mason said getting into a fighting stance. Bison did the same as well.

For a minute, the two only stared at each other. Mason expected Bison to make the first move. Then, he lost his patience. "So, are you going to kill me quickly like you said? I'm still waiting."

"Fine then," Bison said.

But just before either of them moved, the door barged open quickly. They both turned around to see Guile and Ken run in. When they noticed Mason in the room, they stopped in their tracks.

"Mason?" asked Ken. "What are you doing here?"

"Me?" asked Mason. "What about you?"

Because he was distracted, Mason didn't realize that Bison had teleported out of the room. When he turned around to face the madman, he was gone.

"Damn it!!!" Mason cried. He turned to Guile and Ken. "You morons! I almost had a chance for vengeance!"

"Vengeance?" asked Guile. "What do you mean........"

Before Guile could finish his sentence, he noticed Wagner lying on the ground unconscious. Blood trickled down his head.

"WAGNER!!!!!!!!!!!!" Guile cried. He immediately ran over to his trainee and bent down to him. It was like re-living the time he found his partner Nash dead on the floor in the control room.

"Wagner!!" Guile cried again. He took the trainee into his arms and looked down at him. "Speak to me! Please, don't die on me!"

Tears began to form in the Air Force Captain's eyes. He looked at the bruises on Wagner's neck. He wondered if he was dead.

It was then that he heard Wagner moan a little bit. Guile gasped. "Wagner?"

Wagner began to open his eyes revealing his blue iris. Then, he turned his head to Guile. Wagner saw the tears in his trainer's eyes. He laughed a little. "Damn, I didn't know that you were so sensitive."

Guile laughed a little, knowing that Wagner still had his cocky personality. "Just shut up and rest," Guile replied with a smile. "You'll be all right."

It was then that they heard footsteps coming into the room. They turned around and see Chun-Li and Liang come into the room.

"We found some great information we received," said Liang. "We know how Bison was resurrected and what is keeping him alive."

Everyone looked at them and waited for what the husband and wife had to say.

"We threatened one of the guard's life unless he gave us information," Chun- Li said. "He told us about the machine called the Psycho Drive. It was what resurrected him and now it's keeping him alive and giving him great power. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get more information because we were ambush by more guards and they killed the man we were getting information from. Liang and I believe that if we destroy the Psycho Drive, we can get rid of Bison and end Shadowlaw once and for all."

"We'll end it together," said Mason. "We will use all of our greatest powers and use it to destroy the drive."

"Great idea," said Guile. "Except we're missing a couple of people, plus we have to get my wife, daughter, and Ken's wife out of here."

"He's right," said Wagner. Everyone turned around as Wagner began to slowly get up, using one of the machines to support him. "We need as much help as possible."

"Wagner," said Guile walking up to his trainee. "You can't fight, you're hurt."

"Oh yes I can," Wagner replied. "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life......kill the man who killed my family and finally receive vengeance for them."

Then, Fei-Long and Ryu came into the room. "Yes, we found you guys!" cried Fei-Long.

"Hey, you're all right," said Guile. "But we are Jasmine and Veronica?"

"Veronica's fighting some guards and Jasmine's fighting Vega," said Ryu.

"VEGA??!!!" cried Ken remembering the brutal fighting with the Spanish ninja seven years ago.

"Listen," said Guile. "Let's get the women out first. Then, we'll find the sisters and my daughter, then get Amy out, and then we'll all go look for the Psycho Drive and destroy it."

Wagner lead them to the dungeon where Jane and Eliza were still trapped. They broke some of the guards' necks to pass by more easily. When they gained access, Wagner broke the chains off of the women.

Chun-Li noticed the grim look on Fei-Long's face. She walked over to him. "Don't worry, Fei-Long. This organization will end soon."

"It's not just that," Fei-Long replied. "I'm just hoping that Veronica and Jasmine will be all right."

Then, as though the devil had spoke, Veronica and Jasmine came into the room. In Veronica's arms was a blond female toddler.

Guile and Jane's faces beamed with delight. "AMY!!"

"Mommy! Daddy!" Amy cried out. The three of them hugged each other and have a mini-reunion.

Ken and Eliza ran over to each other and gave each other a long embrace in silence.

Ryu and Jasmine faced each other. Ryu noticed the gash on her face and he runs over to her. "Jasmine......"

Jasmine touched her face. "This is nothing. I'll be all right. I beat him though, knocked him out cold."

The two of them give each other a quick kiss and then embrace.

Fei-Long walked over to Veronica. "How did you find Amy?"

"On our way over here," Veronica replied. "We heard a little girl crying and we managed to kill the guards and save her. We realized it was Guile's daughter."

Fei-Long nodded and embraced her. "What matters is that everyone's all right."

Veronica then looked into Fei-Long's eyes......and plants her lips into his! Fei-Long was shocked by this for a second, but eventually returned the kiss.

They were both just beginning to enjoy the kiss when they heard someone clear their throat. They stopped kissing and turned to their friends.

"Um," said Mason. "I hate to interrupt your beautiful moment, but we have a madman to deal with."

Fei-Long and Veronica both blushed with embarrassment.

"Listen," said Ken. "Someone has to lead Eliza, Jane, and Amy out of here."

"I'll do that," said Liang.

Ken and Eliza gave each other a quick kiss before separating again. Guile hugged Amy, and then he kissed Jane. Jane took Amy into her arms and walked towards Liang. Then, the four of them start making their way out of the base.

"Well," said Guile. "If we can beat him once before, we can beat him again. Let's go find that psycho drive!"


After an hour of searching, they finally found the Psycho Drive.

"It's about time," said Jasmine. "I'm starting to get really tired and I know it's not from all the blood I lost."

"Well," said Wagner. "Now what?"

"We destroy it," said Ryu.

"We need to use our best powers," said Mason.

Before anyone could do anything, they heard an evil laugh behind them. Everyone turned around and saw Bison standing behind them.

"Well, well, well," Bison sneered. "You managed to find the psycho drive, I applaud you. Unfortunately, you will all have to do one of two things....join me and live a great life, or die."

"Never!" cried Mason.

"Don't think that we will join your organization!" shouted Chun-Li. "You will pay for all of the things that you've done and we will fight you even if we die!"

"Very well then," Bison said getting into a fighting stance. "I will be glad to make you all suffer. You all have been an interference in our operation and you all must be disposed of."

"Go ahead," said Jasmine. She got into a fighting stance. "I dare you to dispose us."

Everyone followed her and got into their respective fighting stances. They knew that this coming battle will be a struggle, but they all knew that they must not give up for the sake of their loved ones and the world.

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