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Chapter Twenty-Three

 Bangkok International Airport

After another three days together, Ryu, Ken, Eliza, Jasmine, Veronica, Chun- Li, Liang, Guile, Jane, Amy, Wagner, Fei-Long, and Mason all stood together at the airport, each waiting for their flights to their destinations......home.

"Well, this is it," said Liang. "We're all heading home."

"This was fun," said Wagner. "I want to do it again! Well, except for all of this fighting we've been through."

"Well," said Ken. "That was mine and Ryu's purpose for traveling in the first place......man so much has happened and I forgot about that."

"You're right," replied Veronica. "You do forget what happens in the beginning when you first start a trip like this one."

It was then that someone started speaking through the PA system. "Attention, Flight 297 to Beijing, China will be departing in ten minutes."

Chun-Li and Liang stood up. "Well," said Liang. "That's our flight. It was nice knowing you guys and hopefully we will all see each other again."

"We will," said Fei-Long.

"Well," said Chun-Li. "Take care everyone!"

"Bye!" everyone cried. They watched the married couple walk down the long big hall of the airport until they were out of sight by the big crowd.

Then, once again, the speaker went off. "Flight 118 to Miami, Florida, USA, will be departing in five minutes."

Mason stood up. "That'd be me."

Everyone looked at the FBI Agent. "Thanks for your help," said Guile. "And saving Wagner's life."

"No problem," Mason replied with a thumb's up. He looked at Wagner. "Hope things go well for you."

"Same to you," Wagner answered. Then, he gave Mason a salute. Mason did the same as well. Then, after a few seconds, they put their arms down.

"Well, see you all soon!" Mason cried. "I can't wait for get some sun again! Woo hoo!" Then, he began running off passing the crowd.

"That's three down," said Veronica.

She looked over at Jasmine. A sad look appeared on her face. Veronica knew why.

Their stepfather has leukemia and Jasmine worried about him. He has told the girls to go with their men. Veronica has decided to go with Fei-Long, but Jasmine has decided against it, knowing that her father would be living alone.

After another five minutes, the PA went off again. "Flight 222 to Los Angeles, California, USA, will be departing in five minutes. Also, Flight 307 to Hong Kong, China will be departing in ten minutes."

"There's our flight," said Guile picking up his five year old daughter.

"Ours too," said Fei-Long wrapping his arm around Veronica. All of them grabbed their bags.

"You know," Ken said looking at Wagner. "You were a pain in the ass during this whole trip, but I'm actually going to miss you."

"I knew you would," Wagner said with a grin, but grinning proved to be a bit painful to do. "Owe!"

"Don't smile," Guile said. "You're face is still sore, plus you'll break all of the glass here." This was followed by a laugh.

"Ha, ha," Wagner replied sarcastically. "Well, it was nice meeting everyone. Thanks for everything."

"No problem," said Ryu.

"So long!" cried Jane. Then, Guile, his family, and Wagner departed.

"We must go too," said Veronica. She looked at Jasmine. "Come visit Hong Kong soon."

"That's a promise," Jasmine replied with a smile. The sisters hugged. "I'll see you soon."

"Same here," Veronica answered.

"Farewell," said Fei-Long. He and Veronica held hands and made their way towards where their plane was located.

It was then that Ryu and Jasmine's eyes meet. They knew that any minute now, one of their planes will be called out and they would have to depart.

Jasmine walked over to him. "I'm sorry about this," she said.

"Don't worry about it," Ryu replied wrapping his arms around her. "You love your father and I know that it's important for you to be with him."

It was then that Ryu found himself tearing up a bit as he looked at Jasmine. They've only been together a few days, but he realized how much he was going to miss her........and something else.

Ryu looked deep into her green eyes and brushed her hair back. "Jasmine......I love you."

Jasmine gasped a little. This she didn't expect.

Meanwhile, Ken and Eliza heard this and smile at each other, knowing that Ryu has finally found someone to love other than fighting and work.

Jasmine then felt her own heart break as she heard, "Flight 455 to Syracuse, New York will be departing in five minutes."

She placed a hand on Ryu's face. "Don't worry. Someday, I will come to you to your island and we will be together again. I love you."

They leaned towards each other and shared a passionate kiss for a minute. Then, Jasmine broke the kiss and picked up her bags. Tears steamed down her face.

Ryu wiped the tears off of her face. "Don't worry, we will be together again. Goodbye for now, Jasmine."

"Goodbye, Ryu," Jasmine replied. Then, slowly, she parted away from Ryu and began her walk.

Ryu sighed wishing that Jasmine had gone home with him like how Veronica went home with Fei-Long. It was then that a hand is placed on his shoulder. Ryu turned around and saw Ken and Eliza standing there. Ryu managed to smirk at them.

"So," said Ken. "This was how the trip started."

"Yeah," Ryu replied picking up his gray duffle bag. "At least we had fun.....in the beginning at least."

"Yeah," Ken said.

"Flight 43 to San Francisco, California, USA, will be departing in five minutes."

Ken sighed. "Too bad we don't have time to talk more. Eliza and I have a plane to catch. Expect a letter from us soon, especially when the baby comes along."

"Can't wait," Ryu replied with a smile. "Take care of yourself Eliza."

"You too," Eliza replied with a smile.

The two best friends clenched their fists and smacked them together, their traditional way to say hello and goodbye.

"Well," Ken said. "See you around."

"See ya," Ryu replied. Then, Ken and Eliza departed.

Ryu sat down in a seat nearby. He looked at all of the different people in the crowd. He kind of expected the trip would end the way it did seven years ago, but with one exception.......he didn't think that he would ever meet a girl like Jasmine and fall in love with her.

"Flight 345 to Tokyo, Japan, will be departing in five minutes."

Ryu sighed as he heard his flight being called out. He stood up and threw his duffle bag over his shoulder. He looked out the window and saw a plane fly into the sky.

He smirked to himself. "Jasmine, we will be together again. Just believe."

[The End]

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